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Ford To Nation: Pay Attention

by John Helsley Published: February 23, 2010
James Anderson won Big 12 Player of the Year at OSU.
James Anderson won Big 12 Player of the Year at OSU.
By John Helsley

A recent polling of 50 media members on the topic of the national Player of the Year found Cowboys star James Anderson lagging behind.

Waaaay behind.

Anderson received but a single third-place vote.


Granted, OSU didn’t play many national TV games through the non-conference portion of the schedule, let alone any meaningful TV games. But at some point, when Big Game James was consistently carving up what many believe to be America’s best basketball conference, you’d think that curiosity might have overcome a few of my my media brethren across the country.

Apparently not, because otherwise Anderson’s exploits couldn’t be so ignored.

But is it too late? Can Anderson gather some momentum as we rush toward March?

And if so, what will it take?

Cowboys coach Travis Ford says it’ll take some folks paying attention.

“It’s going to take people who have a voice in it to watch a little tape and not sit at home and eat potato chips all night, or whatever they’re doing. Watch tape and study the game.

“Don’t just watch one conference, watch everybody. Watch the Big East and watch the ACC and the SEC and Pac-10 and the Big Ten… And figure out who the best player in the country is. It’s not hard to figure out, if you watch our team and what he does for our team.”

Ford isn’t saying Anderson should be the obvious choice, just that he’s a legitimate choice.

“Am I saying he’s the best player in the country? I don’t know if he’s the No. 1 best player in the country. I think he definitely could be. Absolutely. I’d vote him No. 1. But for him to not even be mentioned in some polls is an absurdity. It’s insane and shows the lack of knowledge of people when they don’t see what he’s doing.

“You look at his numbers, at what he’s doing numbers wise, free throw wise, rebounding, steals, blocked shots, 3-point field goal percentage, field goal percentage, defensively. And we’ve won 19 games with the youngest team in the Big12.

“I think he’s got a little bit to do with that.”

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by John Helsley
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