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Hanging with Holgorsen

by John Helsley Published: July 27, 2010
Can Brandon Weeden play the role of "Coach Weeden"?
Can Brandon Weeden play the role of "Coach Weeden"?

by Brandon Chatmon
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Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden has spent plenty of time with Dana Holgorsen since the former Houston offensive coordinator took over the Cowboys offensive attack in January. With his down-to-earth nature and frank honesty, Weeden said watching film with Holgorsen is a interesting experience.

“It’s different,” Weeden said. “He’s like “Hey, he’s open, throw it to him.” It’s almost like backyard football. There aren’t a whole lot of rules in this offense, the closest I can compare it to is 7-on-7 in the backyard.”

Reps are the focus in the offense, which depends more on the relationship between quarterback and receiver than OSU’s previous attack.

“That’s where reps come in,” Weeden said. “You hear Coach Holgorsen talk about it all the time and it’s true, we need reps to get on the same page.”

by John Helsley
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