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OU 47, OSU 41: Thoughts and observations

by John Helsley Published: November 28, 2010
Any other OSU fans feeling frustrated?
Any other OSU fans feeling frustrated?

by Brandon Chatmon
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—This ^^^^ says it all for OSU fans

—The Cowboys had their opportunities to win the game, they just didn’t capitalize. The defense had two seperate chances to get a stop and hand the ball back to the offense with a two-point deficit. And the offense got the ball with a change to drive for a game-winning touchdown and turned it over.

—You have to give Brent Venables a lot of credit. Great gameplan, well executed.

—Brodrick Brown’s tip to Shaun Lewis may be the best play I’ve ever seen. Simply outstanding.

Great, great play by Brodrick Brown
Great, great play by Brodrick Brown

—The Sooners defensive line was better than advertised. They got consistent pressure on Brandon Weeden and took advantage of their opportunites to make big plays. Austin Box’s interception was a perfect example, a great diving catch by a linebacker.

–It’s not like OU’s offense was significantly better than OSU’s. They just ran 41 more plays. OU averaged 5.5 yards per play, OSU averaged 5.7 yards per play.

—I felt like Kendall Hunter and the rest of the Pokes running game needed to get more involved. 23 rushes for 122 yards. I thought Jeremy Smith in particular ran really well. Hunter, Smith and Randle each averaged at least 4.2 yards per carry.

—Speaking of playing well: Shaun Lewis. Big time players show up in big games. 12 tackles including one tackle for loss and two interceptions including one for a touchdown. He is going to be something special.

He's a true freshman?
He's a true freshman?

—You can’t allow 16 of 27 conversions on third down. You will not win games doing that, it’s just that simple.

—The Pokes run defense was solid. OU had 45 carries for 120 yards (2.7 yards per carry).

—OU simply brought more pressure than OSU had seen all season. The Sooners’ defense was fast, athletic and quick to the ball. It seemed like their speed caught OSU’s offense, particularly Weeden, off guard early in the game.

—Justin Blackmon was clearly not 100 percent but he still produced 8 catches for 105 yards and one touchdown. I’m not sure if he was 100 percent much would have changed. OU did a great job with their coverages on Blackmon combined with the pressure on Weeden.

Another 100-yard outing with a touchdown for Blackmon
Another 100-yard outing with a touchdown for Blackmon

—Josh Cooper is a really good, and overlooked, playmaker on the offense. 10 catches for 84 yards and one touchdown.

—Kevin Wilson did a great job for OU. I can think of two play calls that directly led to touchdowns. (Millard’s TD run and Hanna’s TD catch). On Millard’s run, Orie Lemon moved out of the middle due to motion out of the backfield and on Hanna’s TD, OU caught OSU’s safeties peaking at the run and they paid for it.

—I expected Joe Randle to get more involved but he never could get the screen game going tonight.

—Justin Gilbert’s roughing the kicker penalty was a killer… but it was good to see him come back and make a big-time play with his kickoff return late in the game. BTW, as fast as the Sooners are, they weren’t going to catch him.

Gilbert made a mistake but made up for it
Gilbert made a mistake but made up for it

—Another great game for Orie Lemon. 12 tackles in his final game at BPS.

—A lot of people will remember Brodrick Brown’s struggles late in the game (dropped INT, Kenney’s TD) but he made two plays earlier in the game which kept OSU in it. The tipped pass to Shaun Lewis and his interception of Jones in the first quarter were both Sportscenter Top Ten plays and deservingly so.

—Andrew McGee played well as well. 7 tackles including one tackle for loss, 3 pass breakups.

—Once Weeden settled down, I thought he played well. When you consider the pressure he was under and the mobility he had to show just to get some of those passes off… again, I thought he played fairly well. The tipped pass and interception in the fourth was a killer but just a great play by the defender.

—The offensive line was much better in the second half. It struggled in the first half and ended up having to make some subs for the first time all season. The continuity up front was a big key to OSU’s season.

—A huge positive for OSU is the fact this is still a very young roster even though they performed at a high level this year. They will learn from this loss and it actually could pay big dividends in the next few years.

—Bottom line: If I asked you if you would take 10-2 record for OSU this season before the season opener, would you have taken it? This loss stings, and it should, but OSU group has exceeded expectations and they will be even better in 2011.

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