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Twitter reaction to Texas A&M leaving the Big 12

Gina Mizell Published: August 31, 2011

Ah, Twitter world. You knew I wouldn’t forget about you, right?

Once the news came down this morning that Texas A&M is officially planning to leave the Big 12, I threw out three questions on Twitter:

What is your reaction?
What does this mean for the Big 12?
What does this mean for OSU?

Here’s a sample of some of the responses I got. Some are insightful. Some are hilarious. Some are very opinionated.

Heck, even Boone Pickens threw out his thoughts on Twitter, saying “In 5 yrs I think it will be apparent the #Aggies made a bad call on this. #Big12 #SEC.”


Jstobbe: Pac-10 here we come. and it’s all #UT’s fault. (I think he means Pac-12, but no matter)

BSargentOKC: A&M football won’t be competitive in the SEC. OK State and OU need to go west and join the Pac-12. Big 12 is now doomed.

ScKing: We all knew that last year’s realignment meant the end to the Big 12 soon. Just not this soon. BYU doesn’t fix any problems.

andrewOKST: For me it gives everyone in the league even more incentive to whoop A&M’s…bottom this year.

RobertWhetsell: A&M…have fun getting pounded in the SEC! Hello Pac 16.

krginn: Have fun being the 9th best football team in the SEC. OkState needs to pack up and head to the PAC 12 with OU, Texas & Texas Tech.

dougbranstetter: hate to see them go, but Boone Pickens has ensured we are relevant and will be a player in any conference realignment. #thankboone

KBNOKC: Both OU and OSU need to be aggressive and not sit back and just follow Texas’ lead.

Brianraper: the only problem I have with going to the PAC is the late night games, especially in basketball.

Kevin_House1: Here we come Pac-16!

osu_shepherd: I hope this means we go to Pac-16. I don’t know how the Big 12 can stay relevant.

jordanmoore21: sucks to lose a Texas rival. I’m worried about how this will affect our recruiting down there.

natethirty: as long as OSU is still playing football in the fall & the winter, I don’t care what conference we’re in, or who we’re playing.

patrickspears87: I have a feeling this leads to the end of the Big 12. Standing pat last year after CU and Neb left was the start of it.

ThirdEyeMystic: not good for anyone left in the #Big12. I’m not too hot on moving to the PAC.

acejones18: #Big12 was done when #NU and #CU left. If it remains intact it will only get weaker. #okstate & others need to look to upgrade.

bleedorng72: A&M is acting like the kid that ran away because their brother was mean but sat on the curb because they had no place to go.

Thanks to everyone that shared their thoughts. You can follow me on Twitter at @ginamizell.

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