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Uni Tracker: Add white-white-gray to list of ‘do not wear?’

Gina Mizell Published: September 14, 2012

Each week, we’ll look back at what uniform combination Oklahoma State wore and make a prediction for the next game. Nothing scientific about it. All in good fun.

Last week against Arizona, we saw the first repeat combination since OSU went to the 48 possible looks, as the Cowboys wore white helmets, white jerseys and gray pants against Arizona. OSU also wore this combination against Texas Tech last season.

But with Saturday’s a shocking result–a 59-38 loss in a game where OSU’s school-record 167 penalty yards headlined a night of mistakes–the Cowboys might want to scrap that combination. Retire it along with the black-white-orange look worn against Iowa State. I’ll bet running back Joseph Randle especially does not like the white-white-gray, as he’s fumbled three times in two games wearing that combination.

Anyway, let’s recap what the Cowboys have worn so far:

2011 season
Louisiana-Lafayette: White helmet, gray jersey, white pants (1-0)
Arizona: White helmet, black jersey, black pants (1-0)
Tulsa: White helmet (alternate black letters), white jersey, black pants (1-0)
Texas A&M: Gray helmet, white jersey, gray pants (1-0)
Kansas: Black helmet, black jersey, orange pants (1-0)
Texas: Black helmet, white jersey, black pants (1-0)
Missouri: White helmet, white jersey, white pants (1-0)
Baylor: Gray helmet, orange jersey, gray pants (1-0)
Kansas State: Gray helmet, black jersey, gray pants (1-0)
Texas Tech: White helmet, white jersey, gray pants (1-0)
Iowa State: Black helmet, white jersey, orange pants (0-1)
Oklahoma: Black helmet, orange jersey, black pants (1-0)
Fiesta Bowl: Black helmet, black jersey, black pants (1-0)

2012 season
Savannah State: White helmet, orange jersey, white pants (1-0)
Arizona: White helmet, white jersey, gray pants (repeat, now 1-1 in combo)
Louisiana-Lafayette: ?

What will the Cowboys wear against Louisiana-Lafayette? With the expected cooler temperatures, I would say this would be the perfect opportunity to wear one of the dark helmets/jerseys earlier in the season. But all the combinations were picked during camp, which means no one had any idea what the weather would be like. Since we saw a repeat last week, and there are several more home uniform combinations available, I think we’ll see something new.

Here are four completely uneducated guesses:
Black helmet, gray jersey, black pants
Gray helmet, orange jersey, black pants
White helmet, black jersey, orange pants
White helmet, black jersey, white pants

I’ll narrow it down to my final prediction in tomorrow’s Pokes Preview blog. Have a guess? Toss it in the comments below.


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