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Gundy, Oklahoma State players share Christmas memories, traditions and wish lists

Gina Mizell Published: December 22, 2012

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy and several Cowboy players talked plenty about Purdue and the Heart of Dallas Bowl earlier this week.

But, of course, the topic of Christmas came up several times.

Here are some favorite memories, traditions and wish lists from the Cowboys:

Coach Mike Gundy

“I never really quit believing in that day (Santa Claus), and when I grew up and somebody finally convinced me of it, it was tough for me to take. When I was about 7 or 8, we had those prehistoric video games that were just coming out. There was one that was a baseball game … you had to time it up and hit it. If you were any good at all, you always did well. Boy, I was fired up when I got that, because when I would drive around in the back of the van when I was a kid going to my games and stuff, I’d sit in there and play that. And then obviously the parents were happy, because I didn’t talk.”

Cornerback Brodrick Brown

“When I was a real little kid, usually you wanted one of those power jeeps when they were in style. I ended up getting one. And I was like, ‘Man, I’m about to drive this all day, until the charge runs out. And that’s what I did. I was just out there running over stuff. I was only going like 3 m.p.h, but it was fun to me.”

Linebacker Caleb Lavey

“We always go eat Chinese food and see a movie on Christmas Eve. I’m sure we’ll stick to that plan. All the brothers and sisters will be home, so it’ll be a lot of fun.”

Defensive end Cooper Bassett

“Me and my dad and my little brother, every year we always go shopping for my mom. It’s our big Christmas tradition, where we go watch a movie, go out to eat and go shopping for my mom. With practice, unfortunately, we might have to wait all the way until Christmas Eve. So that’ll be very interesting to do.

“And then Christmas morning, I know I’m a 22-year-old grown man, but I still act like a little kid with my little brother. We’ll probably be up at like 6 a.m., ready to wake my parents up to open presents. I’m really looking forward to it. We have a very close family, and Christmas is a very big deal to us.”

Quarterback J.W. Walsh

“I’ve been trying to get a radar detector for my truck. I tend to get a few speeding tickets, so I think a radar detector will help me.”

Quarterback Clint Chelf

“Growing up, my family’s split (between OU and OSU). So I would always get OU stuff from one side, and my uncles would always come back and give me a bunch of OSU stuff. Those kinds of battles are kind of the main thing I remember. Later on, in high school and stuff, when I was just an OSU fan, they would come out and bring like an OU shirt or something, and then follow it up with something really cool with OSU. Those gifts were pretty fun.”

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