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Wrapping up 3A...

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:21 pm •  Published: March 17, 2009

By Robert Przybylo

We continue our trip down memory lane. Monday, we looked at Class 2A where Pawnee reigned supreme.

Now let’s look at 3A where each had their own unique story.

Girls champion: Adair, 63-47 vs. Millwood.

Boys champion: Cascia Hall, 67-52 vs. Okemah.

Really thought the girls game was going to be one of those all-time classics. Can Millwood go back-to-back? Or could Kevi Luper go out in style after years of falling short?

It was the latter and by a wide margin. I wasn’t around when Luper was in her sophomore season, so I didn’t get all the hype.’

Last year, of course, she was out with the torn ACL, so she couldn’t do anything there.

But after watching her for two days, must say, I get it. I get why people gush over her talent.

Maybe it’s not the most accurate comparison, but I almost saw her like James Watson of Stringtown. Referees had no idea how to officiate someone of Watson’s skill at the B level.

And in the semifinals and finals, Luper was in ridiculous foul trouble because I don’t think refs knew what to do with her.

Luper made some fantastic moves, especially in the championship. She scored 30 points and thwarted every attempted Millwood comeback.

I never count out Millwood, not with Shea Bowden and JohVonna Mitchell. Kept waiting for that one final push by the Falcons.

But it wasn’t to be. With all the hype about Luper, Chelsey Stricklen shouldn’t be forgotten. The guard was dynamic as well.

For the boys, Okemah may have been a great story, but Cascia Hall was simply better.

And it’s tough to not enjoy the Bryant brothers story. Will and Luke don’t play football, so the last two years haven’t meant as much to them as say someone like Sam Clancy.

But Saturday was their day and Will really impressed me with his “will” (no pun intended) to win.

I was harping like a broken record that Rashad Dunn just needed to keep shooting for Okemah. He had a great game but disappeared at strange times.

He was on the bench at times when I was scratching my head. Think I just would have left Dunn out there all 32 minutes and just let him go out the way a senior should.

Don’t know if it would have mattered as Cascia was too big and too good on that day.