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The Stooges: Week 3...

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:22 pm •  Published: September 18, 2008

Hey hey, welcome back. We’re one week away from districts, but there are plenty of interesting games this week. Last week, well, Jason is running away with an early lead, thanks in large part to his faith in Booker T. Ray Ray got on the board with his LOCK pick and is tied for second. Boneman, more like Bonehead. A 6-5 record (with a correct Union pick) and another LOCK loss has him cowering in shame. And welcome Ryan Aber as an honorary stooge (he’s not nearly cool enough to be an original). The Prep Insider was a meager 5-6 last week. Onto week 3…

Week 3
Clinton at Chandler

Bonehead: Clinton; Jason: Clinton; Ray: Clinton; Ryan: Clinton
Broken Arrow vs. Tulsa Washington
Bonehead: Booker T. (not gonna get me a third week); Jason: Booker T.; Ray: Broken Arrow; Ryan: Broken Arrow
Star Spencer vs. Douglass
Bonehead: Douglass; Jason: Douglass (LOCK); Ray: Star Spencer; Ryan: Star Spencer
McGuinness vs. Millwood
Bonehead: McGuinness (no way they’re 0-3, right?); Jason: McGuinness; Ray: McGuinness; Ryan: McGuinness
Davis at Heritage Hall
Bonehead: HHall (LOCK); Jason: HHall; Ray: HHall; Ryan: HHall
Muskogee vs. Tulsa Union
Bonehead: Union; Jason: Muskogee; Ray: Union (no one’s tougher than a rougher…except the Redskins); Ryan: Union
Southmoore at Midwest City
Bonehead: MWC; Jason: MWC; Ray: MWC; Ryan: MWC
Duncan at Carl Albert
Bonehead: CAlbert; Jason: CAlbert; Ray: CAlbert; Ryan: CAlbert
Westmoore vs. Norman North
Bonehead: NNorth; Jason: NNorth; Ray: NNorth; Ryan: NNorth
Edmond Memorial at Del City
Bonehead: EM; Jason: EM; Ray: EM; Ryan: EM
Boneman Special: Mustang vs. Putnam City
Bonehead: Mustang; Jason: Mustang; Ray: Mustang (LOCK); Ryan: Mustang
Jason Special: Tonkawa vs. Pawnee
Bonehead: Tonkawa; Jason: Tonkawa; Ray: Tonkawa; Ryan: Tonkawa
Jason Special: Thackerville vs. Grandfield
Bonehead: Grandfield (I will ride or die with John Brown, baby); Jason: Thackerville; Ray: Thackerville; Ryan: Grandfield
Ray Special: Oologah vs. Sequoyah-Claremore
Bonehead: Seq.-Clare.; Jason: Seq. Clare.; Ray: Oologah; Ryan: Seq.-Clare.

Last week: Bonehead (6-5, 0-1); Jason (8-3, 1-0); Ray (7-4, 1-0); Ryan (5-6)
Overall: Jason (16-5, 2-0); Ray (13-8, 1-1); Bonehead (13-8, 0-2); Ryan (12-9)