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Kersey/Przybylo Point-Counterpoint Class 3A

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:24 pm •  Published: November 8, 2007

By Robert Przybylo and Jason Kersey

Class 3A
Robert: Moving onto 3A, for those that don’t know, give a brief summary of the greatness that is Justin Blackmon at Plainview.
Jason: Justin Blackmon is one of the best receivers, not only in Class 3A, but in the state. I would put him a close second only behind Jameel Owens at Muskogee, and that’s only because of Owens’ competition he faces. Blackmon has caught for 1,248 yards and 11 touchdowns this year, and is getting attention from the big boys at NCAA Division 1 schools. He holds offers from Missouri and Colorado, and is getting interest from Oklahoma and OSU. He is one of the biggest reasons why I have picked Plainview to take the 3A title.
Robert: Your passion for Corey Cole’s boys has persuaded me slowly but surely throughout the year. My only question, is Plainview physical enough for the 3A-1 boys (Kingfisher, Tuttle, Clinton)?
Jason: That’s a good question. But Plainview has proven throughout the year that it can run the ball when it has to. Quarterback Brandon Allen, in addition to his stellar passing stats, has rushed for 844 yards and 10 touchdowns this year, and running back Logan Russell has rushed for 722 yards and 14 scores. Plainview doesn’t have to throw to be successful, and they’ve proven it. Defense is the one thing that might hold the Indians back. They are below the three teams you mentioned in total yards allowed, and have given up more points than all three of them. But with an offense like that, who needs a perfect defense?
Robert: I’ve talked with both Clinton and Kingfisher, and they’ve said there’s no lingering effect, but do you think their 4-OT thriller last Friday makes either one of them vulnerable?? Clinton has Sulphur and Kingfisher has Marlow (not your cupcake first-rounders)??
Jason: That’s right. Despite Sulphur’s status as a four-seed, they are still a team with a lot of pride and talent. Robert Thomas at Sulphur is really tough; he rushed for 123 yards and a touchdown against Plainview. I don’t see there being much of a lingering effect, however, with those teams. They are both very seasoned when it comes to big games, especially playoff games, and I don’t think they’ll carry that game into the postseason.
Robert: Marlow was runner-up last year. I know Kyle Jech has been playing well as of late for the ‘Jackets, but even if gambling were legal, I think Marlow has a better shot at an upset and I wouldn’t be putting money down on Kingfisher. Marlow was one of the few teams that actually played Plainview close, so I keep that in mind as well. I don’t know what to make of Sulphur. Jim Dixon’s club beats Davis in a non-district rivalry but was rather average in district although that district was scary from 1-7. Including the best 2-8 team EVER in Pauls Valley.
Jason: Justify your Purcell pick over Tuttle and I’ll tell you why I think Tuttle wins.
Robert: I don’t think Tuttle has shown the consistency you need to display at this time of year. 28-0 (to Clinton) is still 28-0 no matter how many turnovers. After talking with Purcell QB Seth Barrett, they’re battle-tested. Like I’ve said before, three OT games (all wins) and certain players just bring a swagger to a team. Without Barrett: 0-2 with 3 points scored. With: 7-1 with 199 points.
Jason: Does Barrett make THAT much of a difference? I mean, I know he matters, but the rest of Purcell’s team got shut out, 24-0 by Blanchard. Let me repeat that for effect. Purcell, without Barrett, was beaten 24-0 by Blanchard, who is not in the playoffs and isn’t very good at all. I’m not dogging Barrett, but I don’t think he makes enough of a difference to beat a Tuttle team that has underachieved. Yes, Tuttle lost a couple games, but look at who they were to. Kingfisher and Clinton, both of whom are serious state title contenders. When Tuttle played Blanchard, do you know what the score was? Tuttle 63, Blanchard 7.
Robert: Certain people lift up an entire team. It’s not explainable, need I remind you about Tucker Brown and Shawnee who went 7-1 with him at QB this year? No matter how much coaches stress that teams are more than just one player, sometimes the team doesn’t believe in itself without its leader.
Jason: But Blanchard? I would understand if it was an average team like Newcastle or Elgin, but Blanchard?! And not only a loss, but a donut?
Robert: Early season, working out the kinks. I don’t think Michigan loses to App State if they played right now (but the Wolverines would lose to Oregon again). It’s that type of game (Blanchard) that reminds me of OU/TCU in ’05. Just cause you are Purcell, doesn’t mean squat. You have to earn it. And with Barrett, he makes sure nothing is taken for granted.
Jason: TCU went 11-1 that year, and Appy State is the defending national champion in its division.

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