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Kersey/Przybylo Point-Counterpoint Class 4A

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:24 pm •  Published: November 8, 2007

By Robert Przybylo and Jason Kersey

Class 4A
Robert: Fair enough…to 4A we go, to the land of the defense. Am I nuts for looking for any excuse to not go with McGuinness?
Jason: I think you have absolutely lost your mind to not pick McGuinness to repeat in 4A. That team hasn’t even been seriously challenged this year, and you think they might lose to Glenpool?
Robert: Yes, I take Deer Creek’s Denton Fox’s opinion very seriously. He says don’t sleep on the boys from Glenpool, this person’s listening. Glenpool’s only loss: 3-0 to Bixby. I have one qualifying statement: as long as Glenpool and Broken Bow don’t bludgeon each other to death in the semis, Glenpool can do it.
Jason: You make a good point about Bixby, but we’re talking about a team that beat Weatherford, 35-14. And Weatherford is no pushover. Kris Parham for McGuinness averages almost 9 yards a carry. Also, the Irish defense gave up 40 points all year, and that was over just three games. That means they shut out 7 opponents. That’s just downright unheard of.
Robert: Without intending to be, I think McGuinness is a bully. So what do you do to a bully?? You stand up to it. You show you won’t back down to its presence. I think the first team to actually believe and not hope it can beat the Irish, just might be able to. And Glenpool/Broken Bow have the toughness. Broken Bow’s only loss: Tulsa East Central.
Jason: I like Broken Bow. I have them in the state championship against McGuinness after beating “your boys” Glenpool in the semis. And how you gonna call some good Catholic boys bullies?
Robert: That’s why I said unintentionally. You keep winning, it’s going to breed contempt from others. You have to look for an edge somewhere…anywhere. From your comments, does Wagoner give McGuinness a game in the semis? We know that’s not an issue with me as I have Darrell Hall’s Bobcats of Star Spencer making a mini-run to the final four.
Jason: I think so. Wagoner is a tough team, with its only loss being a five-point loss to Coweta. Other than that, they were really only played close by Grove, who is 9-1. Here are a couple names from Wagoner to remember: Everett Shaver and Gus Jones. Both average over 7 yards a carry and have combined for 1,850 yards and 22 touchdowns on the ground. Wagoner was also McGuinness’ closest game in the Irish’s run to the state championship last year, a 28-12 game in the semis.
Robert: You want some faulty logic?? If Wagoner gets by Star, I think it can hang with the Irish and maybe get ‘em. But I believe Wagoner will be looking ahead and Darwin Rideau and the rest of Star will take Wagoner. It’s just like March Madness in that sense, all about matchups.
Jason: I’m not going that far. But I’ve already said my piece about how dominant McGuinness is. Star over Wagoner is certainly possible, but for me, unlikely. Wagoner’s D gives up just 11 points a game.

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