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Casady: Q&A with John Ratliff...

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:37 pm •  Published: September 30, 2009

By Robert Przybylo

Casady is in a weird spot. Not just because it’s not in the OSSAA, but also because it’s one of the only schools that has field hockey and a boys volleyball team.

Because of that, sometimes those sports get lost in the shuffle. Here is a Q&A with senior volleyball player John Ratliff.

What was your “Welcome to Varsity sports” moment?

Ratliff: My freshman year I played football, and on my first play, an offensive lineman grabbed me by the neck. I knew it was real then.

What has been the most life-changing event in your life so far?

Ratliff: In terms of sports, my life-changing event was switching from a popular sport like football to volleyball.

What are five things on your “Bucket List” as of now?

Ratliff: Go to Mardi Gras, go to China, surf, live on a golf course and own a ridiculously fast sports car.

Who is one person you would like to trade places with for a day?

Ratliff: God, so I could know everything for a day…ever seen the movie Bruce Almighty?