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Big Team Camp at Edmond North: Day 2...

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:55 pm •  Published: June 3, 2010

By Robert Przybylo

The rain delayed things a tad for Day 2 of the 13-team extravaganza at Edmond North so we also ended a little bit later than anticipated.

And once the rain was officially out of the way, wow, did it heat up in a hurry.

I felt today would be the best day of three-day camp because you get your feet wet that first day, and you’re dog-tired during that final day. But Day 2? Yeah, you bring the lumber.

In case you missed it, there are videos with Midwest City’s James Flanders, OCS’ Jack Warren and Bishop McGuinness’ LaRone Richardson on NewsOK and here on the blog.

Thoughts and Observations

- Gotta tell ya that right now drinking the Norman North Kool-Aid. Quarterback Brad Valentino really threaded the needle on a couple of the balls today. Raymond Demby looks fantastic, and what more can you say about Daniel Davis? Solid effort from Lance Manning’s kids, punctuated by a great effort by Davis to score on McGuinness during the final play of their scrimmage.

- Interesting year for the Spartans of Bixby. Moving up to 6A is one thing, introducing Loren Montgomery as the new coach is another. Montgomery has a great football mind, really happy to see him land on his feet with a great opportunity. The loss of Kevin Lamb and DeWitt Jennings is definitely being felt, but I think the more explosive offense might work for Bixby. QB T.J. Eckert seemed more poised today in the limited time I got to see them.

- Another solid day for the Antlers, said coach Grant Gower. Deer Creek is the lone 5A school in the camp, but Gower said playing the 6A big boys has helped immensely. Deer Creek closed out today with a scrimmage against Midwest City. TE Kyle Kanady is growing into a security blanket for Alex Christensen and Joel Blumenthal.

- Gotta hand it to the boys at Cashion. The Wildcats were here last year and are only a couple of years removed from playing eight-man. Lynn Shackelford does a phenomenal job of getting that team fired up, and Cashion has fought hard the first two days. QB Jeremy Seaton said there were no wide-eyed looks today, down to business.

- Hennessey is in that same mold as Shannon Watford continues to have that program in contention on a yearly basis here lately. I hope to watch more of the Eagles (among others) on Friday for the final day. Especially would like to see star recruit Derrick Luetjen more.

- Weirdest sight of the day goes to Flanders. Not sure why seeing a talented kid like him with an umbrella to block out the sun was so funny, but I sure thought it was.

- Lovin’ the intensity these teams are bringing. It dies down a little during the 7-on-7 portion but picks right back up in that final half hour.

- Just like Wednesday, look for more videos on NewsOK. Another sights and sounds from the day to accompany vids with Norman North QB Brad Valentino, Hennessey’s Derrick Luetjen and Cashion’s Jeremy Seaton.

- Back tomorrow as we wrap up the camp. Word on the street is Friday will be the hottest day of the three days…oy.