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Big Team Camp at Edmond North: Day 3...

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:55 pm •  Published: June 4, 2010

By Robert Przybylo

What am I going to get up at 8 in the morning for now? The team camp at Edmond North has come and gone, and it was a great experience for the 13 teams.

I decided to cut out some of the video interviews Friday so I could instead watch the scrimmages more intently.

For those that missed it, videos with Hennessey’s Derrick Luetjen, Cashion’s Jeremy Seaton and Norman North’s Brad Valentino are up on NewsOK now.

Thoughts and Observations

- MVP of the camp: Bixby. The Spartans are in 6A and let everyone know about it this week. Bixby concluded the camp by scoring two touchdowns against Norman North while also forcing a fumble and intercepting a pass in the final play of the scrimmage. It was an impressive display by Bixby. Up until that point, thought Norman North had the best camp as TWolves had some great moments, especially hard hits on D.

- In the next scrimmage, Bishop McGuinness was dominant over Deer Creek. Running back LaRone Richardson scored both touchdowns for the Irish as McGuinness also picked off a pass and stifled the Antlers’ offensive attack. The McGuinness kids were probably the most vocal of any group this week, they were really into it with each play.

- The final scrimmage I got to fully see was Midwest City and Edmond North, and the Bombers speed was on full display. It’s tough to grade the Huskies accurately as Jared Benway is going to mean a lot to that team. However, James Flanders did score for the Bombers, and it was also funny to see Trevon Lewis playing fullback, a spot he will play this year.

- Coach Eric Cardin has had McLoud in the playoff hunt on a regular basis, but the Redskins are going to be a-hurtin’ this year because of youth. Cardin did say he’s not worried about the long term future, and he’s glad to have WR Travis Carroll back after dislocating his kneecap last year.

- Really good camp for OCS, said head coach Derek Turner. Where some coaches used the three days as more of a feeling out process, the Saints were looking to find some answers. Turner believes they did so, especially on defense at linebacker.

- Woodward is going to be solid. The Boomers kinda get lost in the shuffle because of where they’re at, but the Boomers looked good this week. That run in basketball last year caught my attention, so I got my eye out for Woodward.

- Couldn’t find a coach/player that didn’t feel better about their respective team after these three days. If you were out there, you’d understand as the players brought it for this being the first week of June.

- And finally I’m giving a shout out to Meeker and MWC players and Deer Creek coaches for wearing BLACK in the hot sun. I was drippin’ in sweat today, it was a hot one. Why in the world would you wear black?

- Look for a video featuring some of the day’s top plays on NewsOK either later today or this weekend. Was hoping to catch up with MWC’s Lewis, but his voice is shot. I mean he can barely get a word out right now.