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Duncan: Jim Holloway's staff full of former players he coached...

Bob Przybylo Modified: May 13, 2013 at 3:57 pm •  Published: August 24, 2010

By Robert Przybylo

Much like with CHA’s John Merrell, a ton of stuff with Duncan’s Jim Holloway was unable to find its way into the paper because of space issues.

But that’s what the blogs are for, right? So here ya go, more with Holloway:

Toughest loss?

“There are a couple. I want to say it was back in 1990, I believe. We (Wynnewood) lost to Cascia Hall in the semifinals. I held out four of our top players. They violated team policy. Cascia made a game-winning field goal in the final seconds. That was a tough one because we had a great team that year. But I did what I felt had to be done.”

He said it:

“Everybody remembers all the top players that played. Sometimes, it’s that kid who never played for three years but was always there. He showed up to every practice and did everything you asked him to do. That’s what you remember.”

On a unique moment:

“The OSSAA put in overtime in 1976 for the first time. So it’s my first game with Boise City, and we’re playing Clayton, New Mexico. And wouldn’t you know it, we went four overtimes in that game, the first of its kind. That’s pretty unique.”

On having a staff full of former players he coached:

“In 1992, I hired Scott Hudson. It was my first year at Altus. He was my quarterback at Wynnewood in 1983. He was the first former player on my staff. Now I’ve got four of them. It makes me extremely proud to see what those men have become, and they’ve been a big part of me sticking around.”

On the biggest adjustment to today’s game:

“Adjusting your coaching styles to the times. If I coached this team like I did when we first started, I wouldn’t have anybody in the locker room. It was just a different day. If you don’t adjust, you don’t last very long in this business. Still work them hard, but the approach you have is a little different. It’s an every day battle, going through psychology of what is making them tick that particular day.”