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We don't want it

Published: April 24, 2013

President Obama is using bullying tactics to try to accomplish his anti-gun agenda. Aren't we supposed to be against bullying, even as adults? Obama has dragged Gabrielle Giffords into his disgrace. Both are calling our senators cowards and they're trying to shame them into voting the way the president wants. Aren't our senators and representatives supposed to vote according to their constituents? They better do that; otherwise, we'll vote them out at the next election. Now I'm hearing that since there aren't enough votes to pass gun control, Congress wants to wait until they can con enough senators to vote for it. How many chances does Congress get to pass an issue? As many as they want until they get what Obama wants? He should listen to what America, as a whole, is telling him. We don't want further gun control or the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” syndrome.

Jeff Zelnicek, Edmond

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