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Collective goodness of an entire community

Published: April 24, 2013

On April 19, 1995, a terrorist bomb shattered the beautiful calm of a bright Oklahoma spring morning, killing 168 innocent people and changing a city forever. As a native Oklahoman, I watched my hometown, stunned from the blow, slowly drag itself to its feet, wounded and bloodied, staggered, but not defeated. I saw the initial evil that attacked us overtaken by mighty waves of even greater forces of goodness, grace, unity — of so many acts of kindness that they collectively came to be known as the “Oklahoma Standard.”

This April 19, we commemorated the 18th anniversary of that day. As an Oklahoman, I found it especially meaningful that on another April 19 many years later, another American city took a stand against terrorism by crushing it with relentless determination, resolve and the collective goodness of an entire community. Turns out it's not just the Oklahoma Standard. It's the American Standard. Boston, Oklahoma salutes you!

Dorian Quillen, Oklahoma City