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Shifting the blame

Published: April 24, 2013

Matthew Dukes (Your Views, April 19) blames Obamacare for an expected 12 percent increase in his health insurance premiums. Does he think his employer or his insurance carrier would ever admit they were jacking his rates just in case, because they can? He also blames government for a 5 percent to 15 percent increase in grocery prices. He might consider changing where he shops because the Consumer Price Index disproves his assertion on grocery price increases.

But his thinking about gasoline prices is especially ludicrous. The last time gas was under $2 a gallon was early 2008. Government's share of gas prices is gas taxes. The federal gas tax hasn't increased since 1993; Oklahoma's hasn't increased since 1990. You think Big Oil's consistent record profits might indicate they have something to do with prices?

Mike Barnett, Moore