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Lindsay Pulsipher sees love, history in her role as Roseanna McCoy in “Hatfields & McCoys” miniseries

Melissa Hayer Published: May 30, 2012
Lindsay Pulsipher and Matt Barr in a scene from "Hatfields & McCoys" - HISTORY Photo
Lindsay Pulsipher and Matt Barr in a scene from "Hatfields & McCoys" - HISTORY Photo


(This story was published in the Life section of The Oklahoman May 30, 2012.)

In the midst of the violent true saga of the American family feud depicted in the miniseries “Hatfields & McCoys,” there is a love story.

Actress Lindsay Pulsipher found that to be a captivating aspect, along with the authenticity of the story, as she portrayed the role of Roseanna McCoy in the miniseries, which concludes at 8 p.m. Wednesday on the History Channel.

Roseanna, daughter of the head of the McCoy clan, falls in love with Johnse Hatfield (Matt Barr), and since Johnse is the son of the head of the Hatfield clan, their romance is not a welcome one. Kevin Costner portrays Devil Anse Hatfield, and Bill Paxton plays Randall McCoy, both patriarchs of the feuding sides.

Pulsipher talked about her role and the miniseries in a recent phone interview with The Oklahoman.

Q: “Hatfields & McCoys” was filmed in Romania. What was it like working there?

    A: It was absolutely beautiful. They did an amazing job location scouting to find these locations that look exactly like Kentucky and West Virginia did after the Civil War. It’s really amazing what they were able to do over there.

Q: Was it as cold as it looked in some scenes?

    A: (Laughs) I’m not gonna lie. There were some times we were in the mountains and it got pretty cold. I have one scene where I’m riding a horse and there’s rain, and I think that it was somewhere around 30 degrees, and it was freezing. I was really glad when that scene was done.

Q: What drew you to the role of Roseanna?

    A: She is such an amazing character. She has such a beautiful character arc. She really starts in one place in the story and ends in a completely different place, and it’s really interesting to me to watch a character make this full circle.

Q: Was the love story an appealing factor?

    A: I thought that was really interesting because the story is so much about the contention between the two families, and to have that kind of breath of fresh air, and the romance, and the sweetness that Johnse and Roseanna shared, it was just a breath of fresh air.

Q: Did the story being true make you even more interested in playing this role?

    A: Absolutely. I’m kind of a history nerd, if you will. I’m kind of obsessed with history and things that have actually happened and unfolding how and why they happened, so doing the research on this was so much fun. I learned a lot about these two families. It was just really exciting for me.

– Melissa Hayer

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Lindsay Pulsipher in the miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys" - HISTORY Photo
Lindsay Pulsipher in the miniseries "Hatfields & McCoys" - HISTORY Photo

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