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“My First Home”: Season Five premieres April 6 on TLC

Melissa Hayer Modified: April 24, 2013 at 3:32 pm •  Published: March 29, 2013

Season Five of the TLC daytime series “My First Home” debuts at 11 a.m. Saturday, April 6.

Details on the show, provided by TLC, are as follows:

House hunting can be a frustrating process ­ especially in a competitive market.  Although a parent’s basement or bachelor apartment can provide a temporary solution, those aren’t ideal places for a growing family.  Some hunters are sick of living with their in-laws while others realize they’re not getting any younger, but whatever the reason, they’re all looking to get out and into their first home.  In the new season of TLC’s daytime series “My First Home,” watch as realtors guide first time home buyers through the process of balancing their dream home wish list with their budget.

A great neighborhood, pool and several bedrooms are often on a first time home buyer’s wish list, but more often than not ­ that list doesn’t align with the budget.  Realtors must educate these hunters to help them zero in on what’s most important and what they can afford.  In the end, many purchasers are able to see past unflattering paint and old fixtures in order to visualize the potential for a home in a new space.

In the premiere episode, Chris Austin is looking for his first home in Richmond, VA.  He’s committed to being a lifelong bachelor, but his mom Judy has other plans.  Chris wants to purchase his first place in the city ­ close to vibrant nightlife, while Judy wants him to purchase a home in the suburbs to make room for a potential family.  Chris and his mom battle it out over location, with Judy doing everything in her power to persuade him.

Watch as first time home buyers take the leap and purchase their dream home, or settle for something less, in season five of “My First Home.”

“My First  Home” Season Five will consist of 20 half-hour episodes and is produced by Authentic Entertainment on behalf of TLC.

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