Dumbing down high school standards hobbles children

Published: April 28, 2013

“Lawmakers stay busy lowering bar for students” (Our Views, April 22) explains the efforts of state Rep. Dennis Casey, R-Morrison, and others to dumb down the high school graduation standards by giving students a passing grade if they pass only four of seven exams, after which the students will be deemed to be proficient in all seven test areas, including the test areas they failed. Such a result will make a high school diploma meaningless in Oklahoma. I can't conceive of a greater handicap and burden than what this legislation would impose on those students later in life.

I've lived in Oklahoma since 1976. The sad status of our education system has been reflected in periodic surveys showing that 25 percent of our adults are functional illiterates. This creates a sizable permanent underclass that's robbed of the opportunity to reach its potential. This must stop! We can't continue to hobble our children. Let's begin by demanding that our legislators overwhelmingly defeat Senate Bill 559.

George E. Sneed, Oklahoma City


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