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Obamacare about government seizing control

Published: May 3, 2013

Stan Basler (Your Views, April 26) wrote that acceptance of federal money for government health exchanges is a moral issue and “God's will.” He also said the federal government will pay for Medicaid expansion. I have news for Basler: The federal government doesn't pay for more than 40 percent of what it spends. It's making a promise it can't keep without bankrupting the country.

Obamacare isn't about health care. It's about the federal government unconstitutionally seizing control of one-sixth of the economy. Uncle Sam could've just bought an insurance policy for the uninsured with a fraction of the trillions Washington will spend on this monstrosity. The states are the last line of defense against this type of federal overreach. I applaud Gov. Mary Fallin for standing up to them. Methods in place to treat the poor could be improved without the destruction of the entire health care system.

Bassler claims to know what God's will is, but many of us believe God's will is for us to be free and not subjects of an overreaching, totalitarian federal government. I suspect Bassler has been educated by the increasing number of religious leaders who are buying into the concept of “social justice” creeping through the religious community lately. If you give your freedom to the government for a little security or free stuff, you become subjects and government becomes your God.

Stephen Butler, Yukon

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