Galileo persecuted by religious leaders, not scientists

Published: May 3, 2013

Kent McInnis (Your Views, April 26) made the statement, “Consensus in science is what put Galileo under house arrest for suggesting that the sun didn't revolve around Earth.” Actually, Galileo was persecuted by religious leaders, not scientists, precisely because he backed Copernicus' use of scientific evidence to postulate something that didn't fit in with keeping those leaders in power. It's not just a consensus of opinion that global climate change is real; it's the conclusion to the application of the scientific method in 13,950 peer-reviewed published scientific articles versus 23 peer-reviewed published scientific articles that rejected climate change (1991-2012).

Considering what he went through for defending science, would Galileo come down on the side against analysis using standard methodologies of empirical evidence?

Paul Franson, Oklahoma City

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