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Official communications lack civility

Published: May 5, 2013

Public exposure of recent emails by prominent politicians raises serious concerns about the way taxpayer business appears to be conducted.

The email from the head of the Sooner Tea Party to a member of the Legislature, in trying to influence the handling of a piece of legislation, uses aggressive and threatening language that borders on blackmail. This is currently under legal scrutiny. Likewise, emails reluctantly released by Gov. Mary Fallin's office contain strong language designed to coerce the governor's office to reverse the course of its previous position on an issue concerning Obamacare.

The use of vulgar language in some of these “official” communications shows a deplorable lack of civility and of good manners among people who should know better. It's been said that in a democratic society, the party that wins the election governs, while the loser provides constructive criticisms and compromise to achieve the very best for the common good. Instead, the picture that's emerging is one of vicious confrontation and vulgar bullying. This isn't acceptable. It must stop.

Raoul Carubelli, Oklahoma City