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by Darla Lindauer Modified: May 10, 2013 at 9:05 am •  Published: May 10, 2013


By: Benjamin – “What’s this renewpurpose thing. I started renewpurpose to share my observations of the intersections between art, design, and the environment, and hopefully to do something to help improve the latter. We are currently working to bring sustainably produced upcycled products to market, and highlight the efforts of others doing the same.”

What blog is about – Unique ways to use old items to make new things.

Featured post – 10 Creative Uses for Old Wood Pallets – “If there was an award for the one most frequently reused item worldwide, I’m pretty sure the wood pallet would be high on the list.”

This post is a must see! I love it when a post inspires me. I reviewed a post in April about using old bed springs for things as well. Now I need to come up with what I can make with both. Downside to the post, it does not give instructions, but you can find them individually out there and more! I cannot seem to pick a favorite out of all of these. – Darla Lindauer


2. Pintester

By: The Pintester – “Failing at Pinterest pins so you don’t have to… Want to see the latest fail?”

What blog is about – She is an addict to the site Pinterest and she takes ideas people post and tests them at her home to see if they work like they are supposed to, so we don’t have to.

Featured post – Body Wrap at Home – “One of those things is also to get naked, slather a bunch of lotion on my cellulite, and then wrap myself up in cellophane. What, you don’t do that at home?”

I was cracking up when I read this post! Warning, she does use a few choice words here and there. Have you ever been sitting watching TV and an infomercial comes on and with every fiber of your being you know it cannot be true, but yet there is that .01 percent chance that just maybe it could be true? How in the world does that .01 percent take over so many people and get them to fall for it? Yes, I have fallen prey to this madness known as “As Seen on TV.” I purchased one of those Icee cups where you can put anything you want in it, then add three special ice cubes and shake it and ta-dah you get a fresh made Icee every time. They even show kids shaking it. Well, let me tell you how the commercial should have gone. Get your workout clothes on and plan about 15 minutes for this. Put the special ice cubes in first. (They take up so much room your chosen beverage will spill out of the cup if you do not.) Then put lid on and shake. When I say shake, this is not a child shaking, this is meant for the strong man of the universe to get it to where it was mostly like an Icee. Still, the happy look on my daughter’s face was my reward, I took the special ice cubes out and served it up, the whole inch that was left after the ice cubes were removed. Then her face became sad and she made a request for another one. I find it very funny how that cup and lid disappeared from my house, yet, all three special ice cubes are now boo-boo ice cubes. Darla Lindauer


3. PawNation

By: I cannot find any reference to a specific writer; I do notice they pull stories from other sites for posts. This one says it is by Discovery.

What blog is about – Everything animals

Featured post – Loch Ness Has Competition: Underwater ‘Monster’ Filmed in Ireland – “For lovers of the paranormal who’ve grown weary of waiting for the Loch Ness monster to reappear, here’s a new “monster” to feast your eyes upon.”

Is it just me, or do others feel the need to “believe?” I am not sure if it comes from being young and developing a major fear of sharks due to the movie “Jaws,” even though it was a mechanical shark, or just me not being around water much. But I have a “what if” fear of water and the ocean in me. When I get in water, I am fine as long as my feet touch the ground, once I go past that point, the fear of what is below me takes over.  I am amazed that our exploration has went so far in space, but yet, we still have no idea what lurks below us. So who can say with 100% certainty that there is not some kind of sea monster? Well, I think there is. I choose to be open-minded enough to entertain the possibility of a lot of paranormal things others shut their mind to. How boring to think all that exists is what we see. That is like judging people by what they look like and never exploring to find out more. However, maybe I would not have a fear, either, if I did not believe. – Darla Lindauer


4. Awkward Family Photos

By: Mike and Doug – “Two friends decided to create a friendly place where everyone could come together and share their uncomfortable family moments.”

What blog is about – Awkward family photos

Featured post – Behind the Awkwardness: Father Knows BestHusband is playing my son’s leap frog game while my son is in the background… under a plastic tote”

I love that the baby looks like he is trying to get out. For anyone who has never had one of those plastic bins, they are so lightweight that the baby is not trapped. My daughter loved getting in mine and then pulling the lid on to hide. What we parents do sometimes. Just this week I was playing with my girls and I stopped and thought “I wonder if other parents do this, or am I just one of the weird ones?” My daughter, Siahna wanted to play in the car while I was doing some work outside, I let her get in the car, no keys. The look on her face was pure joy and excitement. She was having a blast. She would get out and pretend she was at the store and ask me for money to go out. Kids sure do learn early to get money out of us. Ha-ha. Soon, Samarra joined her. I get done working and I tell them it is time to go in. Siahna was just heartbroken. She wanted to drive me somewhere. I thought for a second and before I knew it, I was in the back seat playing as well. How did I get downgraded to the back seat? My girls thought it was the funniest thing I was in the back. We ended up being in there for like 15 minutes and we were being quite silly. It is at this moment an awkward picture moment could have been taken.  Darla Lindauer


5. Discovery News

By: Staff – The site has many people who post daily, I do not see a name on this particular post.

What blog is about – News on discovery topics. tech, space, humans, earth, history, animals, adventure and anything related.

Featured post – Mind Game, Raindrops – Lumosity’s Raindrops challenges your problem solving and processing speed.

I am not much of a game person and I am quite annoyed from the invites to play games on Facebook all day, everyday! I often wonder, does anyone but me work? How is it that games are played so much all day? Well, I did get drawn into this one, but I needed to know what my score would be on a brain game. The game starts and I am not sure what I expected from a “brain game,”  but I was not happy I had to actually think playing it. OK, this is good, it is slow, I can do this. I notice it’s getting faster and I think the heat kicked on in my office because I am getting hot! Now I feel a bit of panic coming on and I missed an easy one. And it is over. My heart is racing like I just exercised. Do regular timed games cause the same reaction or is it just the ones that are determining how smart I am? I may have to play a Facebook game to test, but for now I am done with games. Well, here are my results. I got 2,721 points, speed was 19 per minute with 67 total solved. My accuracy was 96% overall and 97% under pressure. I am not sure if this is good or not because the site only gives you the option to improve your score by running you through some questions, and then,  finally to a registration page which I did not sign up for. Just playing this game and the others they have over and over will help you,  I think! Go ahead, play and see if you can beat me. Feel free to leave a comment with your score, so I can tell if I need help. – Darla Lindauer


6. Sew Jereli

By: Toni-Maree – “Sew Jereli is a place that I want to share my sewing adventures, successes and mishaps.

What blog is about – Sewing and creating.

Featured post – Childrens PDF Sewing Pattern Designers – The Complete List – “I searched for this list high and low after I found a women’s list, and quickly realized I was going to have to make my own. This isn’t yet a complete list, but it will be updated continuously.”

I feel like I hit the jackpot with this post! I am pretty sure you might be asking why right now since it is all about sewing, not an activity that many find to be very exciting. Truth is, I was forced to take a class when I was little and hated it.  I remember the ugly dress I made for my mom, all white with little random red hearts on it. She wore it, too.  She is a good mom. Anyway, I am not sure I will enjoy it much even now, but this year I bought a sewing machine for two reasons. 1. I am short, and when a top is meant to come to my hips and it goes to my knees, it is not a good look. 2. I have a three-year-old who is 58 lbs. I am having to buy size 10-12 to fit her around and then it is all too long in the arms and legs. Why is it assumed that all children will be sticks as they grow up? My child eats veggies, fruit, chicken, fish, low carbs, no juice; we do not keep candy, cookies, chips, crackers, cereal or any other usual culprit of an overweight child in my house and we do not eat fast food hardly ever. We are in the process of trying to pinpoint what the issue may be, but, we did find out it is not diabetes, Thank God! But meanwhile, I still have to put clothes on her and she is the best DIVA I know. Her clothes have to be frilly and short-sleeved with sunglasses, rings, purses, shoes, but for some reason she doesn’t see the need for any pants, even if she doesn’t have a dress on. Ha-ha This site is awesome! – Darla Lindauer


7. Monster Brains

By: Aeron Alfrey – When I’m not tracking down monstrous imagery to share here I’m usually creating my own strange art seen at and my facebook page.

What blog is about – Monster art

Featured post – RIP Ray Harryhausen – Creator of some of the most memorable creatures.

Honestly, without seeing this post I would have never known who the creator of the monsters that I grew up with was. I was a weird child growing up, I think. I guess I should not wonder why my children are as well. Ha-ha As a young girl, if you gave me a choice of watching a children’s show or the AMC (American Movie Classics) channel, I would pick AMC any day! Even before cable TV, I would watch OETA when the weekend movies would come on. I was so excited the days that Bob Hope specials would be on, or Debbie Reynolds movies, but my absolute love was the scary, creepy, sci-fi, or fantasy. I guess without knowing who he was then, I thank Ray Harryhausen now for creating the characters I love so much still. A lot more skill went into creating characters back then. Cheesy as they may seem now, the talent was greater to me. I love Sinbad, Gulliver, and Clash of the Titans, the original versions.  Darla Lindauer


Compiled by Darla Lindauer. If you would like your or someone else’s blog to be considered for this column, email


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