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Under the Radar DVD of the Week: 'Two Orphan Vampires: Remastered Edition'

Dennis King Published: August 27, 2012

This week, the oddest DVD to appear on release lists is:

“Two Orphan Vampires: Remastered Edition”

In an obvious effort to capitalize on the burgeoning “Twilight” market, one of the lesser works of French vampire auteur Jean Rollin gets a royal Blu-ray treatment in “Two Orphan Vampires: Remastered Edition” (due out on DVD Tuesday).

This pokey 1997 French-language thriller was originally shot on low-budget 16 mm in an effort to promote a series of five Rollin novels concerning a pair of blind, pre-teen orphan vampires. The result is a fairly tepid, undistinguished work from the guy known for such juicy horror flicks as “The Nude Vampire,” “The Grapes of Death” and “The Living Dead Girl.”

“Two Orphan Vampires” follows the bloody path of two beautiful blind girls, Louise (Alexandra Pic) and Henriette (Isabell Teboul), who are raised by nuns and eventually adopted by a well-meaning doctor (Bernard Charmace), who is determined to cure their blindness.

But after the doctor moves the girls to New York, they come under the spell of a bat-winged temptress named Venus (Veronique Dajouti) and find their true calling as seductive young bloodsuckers. Naturally, tragedy ensues.

While this fairly plodding, largely sexless affair is not considered among the top-shelf works of Rollin, who died in 2010, it nonetheless has gotten the full Blu-ray treatment, with a remastered polish and loads of bonus extras and studious commentary. The bonus features include full interviews with the lead actresses and composer Philippe D’Aram, a retrospective featurette on Rollin’s work, and theatrical trailers on this and several other Rollin films, along with a booklet of extensive liner notes and critical perspectives on the filmmaker’s career.

“Two Orphan Vampires: Remastered Edition” is not rated and runs 103 minutes. It’s being released Redemption Films.

- Dennis King

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