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Checking out Rob Lowe

Linda Miller Modified: May 15, 2013 at 5:08 pm •  Published: February 5, 2008
Actor Rob Lowe
Actor Rob Lowe

 What a way to end the day.

I was enjoying dinner with friends at Joe Allen, a great little restaurant in the theater district, when actor Rob Lowe walked in. The restaurant was nearly empty because it was too early for most of the after-theater crowd.

Lucky us that “Spring Awakening,” the play we had just seen, started at 7 instead of 8 p.m. The early bird gets a surprise.

I see celebrities all the time at Fashion Week in New York.  Most of them are women, except for the male rappers and the I-think-he-looks-familiar television actors.   I’m rarely star struck. And I wasn’t tonight.

I will say that Rob Lowe is really, really handsome. My friend called him gorgeous. He was dressed in a white shirt and suit. No tie. He looks even better in person than he does on “Brothers & Sisters.”

Seeing him was like getting a rich, decadent dessert for free.