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Closet Moxie's Top 10 tips for getting a closet into shape

by Linda Miller Modified: May 15, 2013 at 5:46 pm •  Published: February 7, 2013
Take some stress out of your life by transforming your messy, out-of-control closet into a tidy, peaceful place. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman. <strong>CHRIS LANDSBERGER</strong>

Take some stress out of your life by transforming your messy, out-of-control closet into a tidy, peaceful place. Photo by Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman.

As I write this, I’m thinking about my own closet. It’s a mess. Too many clothes I don’t wear. Shoes all over the floor.  Purses that have spilled out of their cubbies.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story for The Oklahoman’s Mood section about getting your closet in tip-top shape. I was hoping all those tips would inspire me. And they do. I just haven’t gotten around to putting them — and everything else in my closet — into place.

I couldn’t connect with Angela Crawford, owner of Closet Moxie, a women’s boutique at Shoppes at Northpark, and Closet Moxie the Moxie Way, before deadline so I wanted to share her tips now. Word is she can whip a closet into shape, creating new combinations of outfits and help customers revamp, restyle and repurpose. You can reach her at (405) 286-3760 or check out the website at

Top Ten Tips for Organizing Your Closet 
1. Take a look at your lifestyle now!  Many of us don’t truly clean out our closet for years.  During those years our lifestyle can change dramatically but we still hang on to our old clothes for that past lifestyle.  Do you have teenage kids but still have all your after pregnancy clothes?  Do you a closet full of suits even though your employer has went to corporate casual?  Have you lost or gained weight but still have your previous size of clothes packed in your closet, etc>?

2. Closet Detox – Take everything out of your closet and try it on!  I know this may seem overwhelming  - but it is the best way to start.  Even if you have to break this part in several sessions to get it done it is worth it!  Starting with a blank canvas helps you to create the look you want for your wardrobe and the organization you want for your closet.

3. Assess – When you are trying on items decide one of four piles to put it in – Keep, Get Rid Of (donate), Alter, and Get Help With! 

4.  Keep items that fit well and flatter your figure and lifestyle.  

5.  Get rid of items that are out of style, don’t fit even beyond alterations and that are not flattering on you.

6.  Alterations are one of your wardrobe’s best extenders.  A simple hem can bring that old dated skirt back to like.  Keep an open mind when it comes to looking at items that could be perked up with simple alterations.  Also don’t go overboard and spend too much money on something that just needs to go. 

7. Get Help!   Last on the list of piles is to create a pile that you need help with.  This may be a friend or family member if they are honest and brutal. If you don’t have someone you look up to for fashion and trust seek the help of a professional stylist.

8. Organize now that you have a clean slate.  Put things in you closet the way you get dressed  - tops go on upper rods and bottoms go on lower rods etc.  Sub-organize by summer, winter and year round wear.  Order colors from light to dark within their category and for tops and dresses order by sleeve length within their color category.  By doing this you create a palette for your closet that will make it easier to walk in and easily pick an outfit or not stress you out if you are trying to create a new outfit combo.

9.  Accessorize – Don’t forget about jewelry, purses, scarves and shoes.  Go through that as well in the same fashion as your clothes and organize in the same fashion.  Those finishing touches often make the outfit and create the look you are going for so don’t neglect those items!

10. Professional Advice – Some people have a natural nack for doing this task and some don’t.  If you peer into your closet and just want to close the door, seek professional advise thru a closet organizer/fashion stylist.  They can help you streamline the process and keep the stress out of it!  They can honestly tell you what looks good and what needs to go.  They can extend your wardrobe by working with what you already have to create new outfits that you would have never thought of.  They can also give you tips and trick for looking your best and make getting dressed stress free!  One of my favorite tips is to take pictures of your favorite outfits and post them in your closet or in a book for reference.  If you do this when you are putting new outfits together you don’t have to spend time trying to reinvent the same outfit again – just look, pull, and go!

by Linda Miller
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Linda Miller always has loved makeup and fashion, especially shoes and handbags. She admits to owning more lipsticks and glosses than many makeup artists, but she's not giving up a single tube. When she got the opportunity to move from...
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