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Pucker up to Rimmel Pink Chic lipstick

Linda Miller Published: September 26, 2012


Rimmel Pink Chic
Rimmel Pink Chic

Back in early spring, I picked up a tube of Rimmel’s Moisture Lipstick in Pink Chic. I had never worn Rimmel before, and I honestly don’t know what drew me to the display.  I probably just needed a quick and cheap pick-me-up and decided on a tube of lipstick.

I do know why I wanted pink, though.  A few years ago I wrote a story about how pink lipstick gives you a youthful freshness.  I took that message from makeup artists to heart and have been searching for great pink lipsticks ever since.

Anyway, I love this lipstick.  The Barbie-pink shade gives enough color without being too heavy, which is great for spring and summer. It also has good staying power plus it nourishes really well.  And I like the little bit of sheen. Do not mistake that sheen for frost or shimmer. It’s a sheen; subtle but very pretty. The price is a good on the budget, too, at just $6.

So now I’m going to check out other Rimmel shades, maybe something a little darker as we go into fall. I’ll still reach for Pink Chic, though.  It’s a keeper.