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Man up, buddy

by Nick Trougakos Published: February 18, 2009

Here’s a report from my homeland — the true north strong and free – about a rather shameful beat-down a young girl put on a man, all in the name of trying to steal his beer. Now, I could comment on the troublesome social ramifications of an adolescent girl who beats a grown man and tries to steal his beer, or I could skip that part and simply rail on this guy, who was sent to the hospital by an adolescent girl. I choose the latter. Come on man! Stand up for your beer! Stand up for yourself. You were pushed to the ground by a girl. For your sake, buddy, I hope this was one mean 13-year-old.

by Nick Trougakos
Local Editor
Local Editor Nick Trougakos has been with The Oklahoman since 2002. Trougakos covered the military, federal agencies and courts before becoming an editor in 2005. Prior to joining The Oklahoman, Trougakos was a reporter for the Oklahoma City...
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