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Big 12 (Lack of) Power Poll: Week 2

Nick Trougakos Published: September 14, 2009
Holy moly is Colorado terrible at football or what? And did Oklahoma State look terrible on Saturday or what? And should Idaho State even be allowed to field a football team? All these are legitimate questions; questions we can answer in The Thirsty Beagle’s weekly Big 12 (Lack of) Power Poll:

1. Colorado (0-2, lost to Toledo 54-38; next, vs. Wyoming): The Buffaloes are in a dog fight with Iowa State for being the most lacking in power, but they get the nod this week on the (lack of) strength of their beat-down at the hands of mid-level Toledo. To make things worse, they can’t even afford to put their coach on the hot seat. Literally. The economy sucks so bad they can’t afford the buyout. Get fired up Buffs fans!

2. Iowa State (1-1, lost to Iowa 35-3; next, at Kent State): The Cyclones were riding high following their “big” win over North Dakota State. Now? Not so much. Remember how fellow in-stater Northern Iowa nearly beat big brother Iowa? Iowa State’s looking like the red-headed step child of the family.

3. Kansas State (1-1, lost to Louisiana-Lafayette 17-15; next, at UCLA):  Kansas State becomes the first BCS conference school in recent memory to lose to a directional Louisiana-type school. Just throwing this out there, but that cannot be very good.

4. Baylor (1-0, bye; next, vs. Connecticut): Until further notice, the Baylor Bears are still the Baylor Bears. A close win against some weak-kneed ACC team doesn’t go far in this list.

5. Texas A&M (1-0), bye; next vs. Utah State): Aggies game against Utah State is The Thirsty Beagle upset special of the week.

6. Oklahoma State (1-1, lost to Houston 45-35; next, vs. Rice): I would say same old OSU, but the same old OSU would have been better than the one that flailed around the field on Saturday. At least the same old OSU didn’t throw the ball away on the oh-so-tricky play known as “the quarter back handing it off to the running back.” Or the challenging  “run without knocking the ball out of your own hand with your knee.” Maybe it’s been the opponents, but the OSU offense has yet to manhandle anyone for any extended period of time.

7. Oklahoma (1-1, beat Idaho State 64-0; next, vs. Tulsa): Sooners mitigate the previous week’s lack of power and move down/up to No. 5 on this week’s list. Holding Idaho State to 44 total yards of offense and minus-22 rushing yards seems pretty great, but Arizona State held ‘em to only 37 yards of total offense the week before, so clearly OU has a lot of work to do.

8. Missouri (2-0, beat Bowling Green 27-20; next, vs. Furman): The Tigers need three late scores to rally for a win at home against Bowling Green. All the sudden, the opening-week win against Illinois isn’t looking that great anymore. Of course, Illinois is in the Big 10, so the win didn’t look that great in the first place.

9. Nebraska (2-0, beat Arkansas State 38-9; next, at Virginia Tech): Cornhuskers have looked decent in two straight games; The Thirsty Beagle already longs for the Bill Callahan days.

10. Kansas (2-0, beat UTEP 34-7; next, vs. Duke): Classic matchup of power programs coming up this weekend in Lawrence. What? Duke’s football team is coming? Scratch that.

11. Texas Tech (2-0, beat Rice 55-10; next, at Texas): The System, I mean, Texas Tech gets it rolling in a big way against the Owls. Generic Texas Tech Quarterback, I mean, Potts, goes for 456 yards and seven touchdowns. After derailing Texas’ national title run last year, Tech can look forward to some venom in Austin.

12. Texas (2-0, beat Wyoming 41-10; next vs. Texas Tech): Kudos to the Longhorns for playing a nonconference road game. The game, however, was against Wyoming. Now it’s time for Texas to strap it on for real against Tech in primetime in a big-time revenge game.


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