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Obama brings homebrewing to White House

Nick Trougakos Published: March 3, 2011

Republican or Democrat, you’ve got to give it up to President Barack Obama for what he’s got going at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. According to historians, Obama is the first president to set up a homebrew operation at the White House. The first fruits of that operation, White House Honey Ale, were served up at the official White House Superbowl party.

According to the Obama Foodorama blog:

-The beer was brewed using a pound of honey from the White House beehive

-The Obamas purchased the homebrewing set-up with personal funds

-There is talk about planting hops in the White House garden

You can read the blog post right here.

I have a very sound theory about Obama’s desire to bring homebrewing into the White House. Aside from the fact Obama is a known beer fan, my mind goes back to the famous 2009 White House Beer Summit. Recall the lineup of beer served there:

-Bud Light, Sam Adams Light, Blue Moon and Buckler nonalcoholic (Go get ‘em Joe Biden!)

The quality of those choices could easily be debated. What could not be debated was the uproar before and after the summit over which beers Obama would/did serve. The craft industry decried Bud Light because it was from a mega-brewery. Some lamented Blue Moon because its parent’s parent is a foreign national — what, American beer not good enough?

So how does Obama — ever the diplomat — avoid this problem in the future? Well, brew your own beer at the White House, of course. Now, no one can knock the beer offered at the White House. Seriously, if you were at the White House, would you turn down a homebrew made with honey from the official White House beehive, or created with hops grown in the White House garden? I think not. All hail the chief… of homebrewing!

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