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Super Bowl commercials: Will Ferrell strikes again

Nick Trougakos Published: February 4, 2013
Maybe I’m just becoming more and more cynical. Maybe I’ve already seen it all. Maybe I’m so addicted to my iPhone/iPad that TV isn’t entertaining enough by itself any more. Whatever it was, last night’s Super Bowl commercials just didn’t do anything for me. I remember blogging about Super Bowl commercials a couple years ago, and struggling to narrow the list down to a favorite five. This year? Not so much. I didn’t really care about the baby Clydesdale, I wasn’t shocked or amused by the old people/Taco Bell ad, I’m tired of Doritos commercials, none of the beer commercials were funny, and I almost gagged while watching the super model/computer nerd Go Daddy commercial. Overall? Yawn. The funniest part of the night for me was seeing the censor asleep at the wheel when Joe Flacco shouted out “This is —-ing great!” during the post-game celebration on the field. So much for the seven-second delay.

The game, on the other hand, was great. Except for San Fran’s play calling on the crucial first-and-goal. The sprint-right-option was well-covered by Baltimore all night, and it wasn’t there at the end for sure. Otherwise, big plays galore. Momentum swings. A down-to-the-wire finish with a dash of controversy sprinkled in. Great stuff.

And then there was Will Ferrell. I blogged last Monday about Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee ad that aired only in North Platte, Neb. during last year’s Super Bowl. Ferrell and Old Milwaukee were back at it again last night with this gem, which reportedly aired only in the Sherman, Texas, market:

OK, on review, that does make me a touch uncomfortable. And still not any more likely to buy Old Milwaukee.

Daily Pints

-In doing some research for a newspaper piece I’m working on, I learned that COOP Ale Works has plans to begin shipping beer out of state by the end of the year. Does this mean a brewery expansion is in the works, or that more beer will be available in cans? Stay tuned.

-Brewdog and Green Flash are popping up on liquor store shelves all over the state today. A Brewdog launch party is set for tonight at TapWerks, while McNellie’s Tulsa will hold a Green Flash pint night.

-McNellie’s OKC is hosting a Belgian beer dinner Tuesday night. The cost is $45 and includes a four-course meal featuring  squid salad, bacon three ways, lamb shanks and clafoutis. Beers will include four of the following: Petrus Dubble Bruin, Piraat, Gulden Draak, Monk’s Cafe and/or Petrus Aged Pale. Reservations are required by emailing

-Speaking of McNellie’s, the weekly Monday pint night at McNellie’s OKC is Smithwick’s.

-If you’re looking for beer/culinary creations, check out the Ale’s Kitchen blog. That’s where I found a great beer-brined turkey recipe for Thanksgiving.

-Here’s a follow on the AB-InBev anti-trust lawsuit.

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