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Mustang announces new IPA

Nick Trougakos Published: February 27, 2013
Mustang Brewing Co. today announced that its first new beer to be brewed at the OKCity Brewing Co-op will be a double IPA named Mustang Doppelhopper IPA.

You can see the label art at right, and here is a description of the beer provided by Mustang:

This double IPA — brewed to palette-pleasing perfection at 67 IBUs and 7.5% ABV — is a masterful blend of rich, flavorful malts and strong, aromatic hops.

This is an interesting addition to the batting order for Mustang, which previously touted its preference for session-strength beers. Perhaps the door was cracked open by the two higher-alcohol offerings — Brandy’s Imperial Sundae and Imperial Court Stout — in the brewery’s Saddlebag Series.

The beer is expected in bars and stores in early March.

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