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Get the scoop on Mustang Brewing's newest beer

Nick Trougakos Published: December 20, 2012
Mustang Brewing Co. is set to release its newest beer — a raspberry-infused Russian imperial stout named Imperial Court Stout.

The 9.6% ABV brew is the second offering in Mustang’s Saddlebag Series, following the release earlier this year of Brandy’s Imperial Sundae.

You can expect to see the beer in February in bombers and in a small number of kegs.

Here’s some information about the beer shared by Mustang:

Imperial Court Stout is a raspberry-infused Russian Imperial Stout weighing in at 9.6% ABV. The fruit infusion goes perfect with the dark chocolate notes in the stout. It will be released in early February. It will again be packaged in 22-oz serial-numbered bombers, but we are going to keg a small portion this time.

We weren’t quite ready in time to brew this at the OKCity facility unfortunately, so (Brewmaster) Gary (Shellman) brewed this in Krebs like we did for Brandy’s Imperial Sundae back in October. It is looking like our first batch of beer to be brewed at OKCity will be a run of Washita Wheat during the first week of January. We are very excited!

So be on the lookout for that — another big beer from Gary and Mustang.

You can also watch this video of Gary mashing in the stout at Choc Beer headquarters:

Is that a giant digital thermometer in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?