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Woodson Park Regular Prolongs Life

Chris Brannick Published: June 12, 2013


Ann Kesler says sitting at home is a “death sentence.”

Kesler fights off the doldrums in the oil painting studio at the Woodson Park Senior Activity Center, located on S. May Ave. in Oklahoma City.

“We know that getting out is really good for your mind,” Kesler said, who comes four or five times per week with her husband, Larry, the mayor of Union City.

Union City, just south of El Reno, was one of the cities hit by the May 31 tornado.

“The community has been hit before,” Kesler said.  She photographed a tornado years ago and brought the picture to the Woodson Park center to paint a rendition of it.

Doug Paulsen runs the Activity Center and smiled as spoke of all of the different events that take place each day of the week.

“We try to get things interesting enough to keep these guys coming back,” Paulsen said. “I don’t know what the science is behind it but they are still alive, they look great.”

The painters’ work is collected for their annual fall show; this year’s Woodson Park Senior Art Exhibition will be the 14th annual show.

“That is a big day for us,” Ann said.