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Oklahoma City Zoo prepares to resurrect 5k

Carrie Coppernoll Published: February 18, 2013

Runners will soon have the chance to participate in a sanctioned run in one of the most beautiful places in the city. The Oklahoma City Zoo is hosting a 5k again. Finally! It’s too pretty of a place not to share in this way. I reached out to Dana McCrory, executive director of the Oklahoma Zoological Society, about this landmark race April 14. (Click here to register!)

Q: Where did the idea to do the Oklahoma City Zoo Run come from?

A: The idea to revive the Oklahoma City Zoo Run came from ZooTroop – the Oklahoma Zoological Society’s young professional group. In November 2012, ZooTroop mapped nine trails in the Oklahoma City Zoo to encourage zoo guests to utilize the zoo for a safe, family-friendly walking destination. The interest in the mapped trails has been phenomenal and many of our guests asked if we would think about implementing a run.

Q: What is the course route?

A: The course is a certified, sanctioned 5K. As you dash off into the “wild” your journey will take you out the far east zoo gate, down by Zoo Lake, loop back around into the zoo, around giraffe loop and finish at the elephant demonstration pavilion.

Q: Has the zoo ever hosted a USTFA-sanctioned run? Why have one now?

A: Yes, the Zoo hosted a USTFA-sanctioned run for many years until the late 1990’s. ZooTroop decided to implement the run again to reach a new generation of runners and bring back the runners from the previous runs.

Q: What does the run raise money for?

A: The OKC Zoo Run net proceeds will go the Commitment to Care campaign for the new Joan Kirkpatrick Animal Hospital. Each year, ZooTroop will work with the Oklahoma City Zoo to select a current project that the net proceeds will benefit.

Q: Who does this race target – serious runners, walkers, parents with strollers, people who run so slowly that you think they’re walking (like me)?

A: This race targets everyone in the zoo audience. Everyone is welcome. The serious runners will lead the race, parents with strollers will be positioned to start a little later, and people like you and me who run so slowly that you think they’re walking will start (and finish) last and yet still get a cool t-shirt.


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