Published: August 26, 2013


Tribal Government Gaming in Oklahoma

• 39 federally-recognized Indian Tribes.

• 33 Tribes have signed gaming compacts.

• 114 tribal gaming operations in the state ranging from an annex to a gas station to full-scale resort casinos.

Tribes & Per Capita Payments

• Three-fourths of gaming tribes devote all of their revenue to tribal governmental services, economic and community development, to neighboring communities and to charitable purposes. Seventy-five percent of tribes do not give out per capita payments.

• Tribal government services, economic and community development, general tribal welfare, charitable donations, and any requirements for aid to local governments must be provided for before a tribe can file for a “Revenue Allocation Plan,” which must be approved by the Secretary of the Interior.

• Tribal members receiving per capital payments pay federal income tax on these payments.

Regulation & Indian Gaming

• Tribal governmental gaming is regulated on three levels.

• Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), Indian nations and tribes are the primary regulators of Indian gaming. IGRA stipulates that tribes establish the basic regulatory framework for Indian gaming.