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Air tragedies

Oklahoman Published: January 28, 2001
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Fatal plane crashes involving sports teams:
Jan. 27, 2001: 10 affiliated with the Oklahoma State men's basketball team, near Denver
March 14, 1980: 14 members of U.S. Olympic boxing team, near Warsaw, Poland
Dec. 13, 1977: 14 members of University of Evansville basketball team, Evansville, Ind.
Nov. 14, 1970: 37 members of Marshall University football team, near Huntington, W. Va.
Oct. 2, 1970: 14 members of Wichita State football team, Silver Plume, Col.
Feb. 15, 1961: 18 members of U.S. figure skating team, near Brussels, Belgium
Oct. 29, 1960: 16 members of the Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo football team, near Toledo, Ohio has disabled the comments for this article.