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Senator moves to block USPS rescue bill

Associated Press Published: April 23, 2012

Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., moved to block the 21st Century Postal Service Act today, arguing that the bill in its current form violates the debt limit agreement reached last summer.

"The bill would increase the federal deficit by $34 billion," Sessions said on the Senate floor today. "In other words, the spendind and debt under the postal bill violates the debt limit agreement reached just last summer," he explained.

Sessions announced that he will raise a point of order to block the bill "and it will require the vote of sixty senators to waive it."

The ranking Republican on the Budget Committee faulted Democrats for failing to produce a proper budget and for accusing spending hawks in the GOP for trying to cut spending below the level agreed to last year.

"The president and the Senate Majority Leader have accused the House of breaking the budget agreement by trying to save extra money for taxpayers," Sessions observed. "Only in Washington does spending underneath a cap get you accused of breaking a deal while spending more than an agreement means people just look the other way."

The postal bill is designed to prevent the closure of many rural post offices that would ordinarily result due to the USPS's fiscal crisis.

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