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The Sandy 15? Superstorm comfort-eating on menu

Associated Press Modified: November 1, 2012 at 1:02 pm •  Published: November 1, 2012

Jamie Sanders went to the grocery store in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy with good intentions. Cucumbers and apples were on her list.

But her local supermarket hadn't gotten any new supplies — and with the prospect of working in her Upper East Side apartment for several days ahead, she joined the hordes of East Coast residents holed up in their homes who found comfort in the bottom of a crinkly bag, a brightly colored box or a perfect pint-sized cardboard container.

"There was some canned food left and some Oreos," the copywriter and beauty blogger said. "I do like Oreos, but these were an impulse buy. I saw they were Winter Oreos with red cream and a snowman on top and I had to try them."

Chips and salsa also went into the cart, although she would have preferred Doritos if any were left, and she sheepishly admitted to making a meal of some boxed macaroni and cheese, too.

Facebook and Twitter were full of similar mini-confessions of calories consumed while people were either left in the dark and trying to eat up what was deep in their freezer before it thawed, or making due with the shelf-stable, packaged foods that were in the grocery store after the meat and produce were gone. Others turned to baking as a rainy day family activity.

Add to that the Halloween candy that many people bought for trick-or-treaters and it really was "the perfect storm," said New York-based registered dietician Keri Glassman.

Glassman, author of the upcoming book "The New You and Improved Diet," said stress and boredom make it hard to fight off temptation. Her advice: don't eat it all in one sitting. "If you have that candy in the house, make it one treat a day for the next few days."

Oreos were also on the menu at Jill Nawrocki's home in Brooklyn, although hers are of the Double Stuf variety.

She is preparing to run in Sunday's New York Marathon and had been expecting to be eating protein and leafy greens this week, but it wasn't meant to be. "I usually do my grocery shopping on Sunday, which didn't happen this week, so my cupboards were pretty bare," she said via email.

She had stocked up last year on "pretty gross" non-perishable foods during Hurricane Irene and didn't want to make that same mistake.

Even fitness trainer Simone de la Rue gave into a burger, french fries and margarita on Tuesday — for lunch, no less.

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