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12 Uses for Takeout Containers

Published on NewsOK Published: March 11, 2013

Even the greenest among us sometimes just need to eat takeout. Hey, it happens. Sometimes it's because of an office lunch, or maybe a night when it is just impossible to cook. Well, my ecologically-minded friends, if you get stuck with takeout containers, you can definitely upcycle them. From gardening to household storage, plastic, paper, and Styrofoam takeout containers offer a myriad of household uses.

Planter: Plastic, paper, and even Styrofoam containers make fine DIY planters. Be sure to wash and dry takeout containers thoroughly before planting in them. Also be sure to poke drainage holes in the bottoms of the containers.

Seed Starting Tray: Shallow, rectangular plastic and Styrofoam takeout containers are perfect DIY seed starting trays. Saving your takeout trays throughout the year is a super way to save a few dollars on seed starting trays.

Food Storage: Although takeout containers are not as sturdy as Tupperware-type containers, they’re perfect to keep around to send guests home with after dinner parties. If you’re planning a potluck dinner, be sure to save up your clean and dry takeout containers so that guests can take the leftovers off your hands.

Paint Palette: Get an extra use out of plastic or Styrofoam takeout containers by reusing them as paint palettes. They’re equally good for kids’ finger paints and grown-up painting projects.

Desk Organizer: If you have odds and ends floating around your desk drawers or your desktop, plastic takeout containers make excellent desk organizing containers.

Store Cords: Thanks to Apartment Therapy for this tip. Place electrical device cords and chargers in clear plastic takeout containers for easy and efficient storage and organization.

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