How to Prevent Pavement Ants

Published on NewsOK Published: March 12, 2013

Pavement ants are common house infesting ants found on the East coast, the Midwest, the South, and parts of the West coast. They are black-brown ants that love to feed on morsels of human food, especially sweets and greasy stuff. Their name comes from their practice of burrowing under pavement or driveways, and making piles of dirt on top of the pavement over their nests. They're not known to nest inside of houses; rather they prefer to nest outdoors, under pavement, rocks, boards, and bricks.

Essentially, pavement ants are just regular ants. They're annoying to have in the house (I don't know anyone who like having ants crawl all over his kitchen), but they're not as horrible as, like, termites. If you don't want to see these little critters around your house, there are a few precautions you can take.

First, keep things dry around your house. According to Los Angeles area exterminator A-1 Watkins Pest & Termite Control, pavement ants like standing water, so eliminate standing water around your house. Leaks can attract ants, so have a plumber fix leaky pipes or fixtures so that pavement ants will not be attracted to dampness in your house.

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