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Your Views

  • 'Stupid voters' know what's best for us

    Published: Mon, Dec 15, 2014

    Jonathan Gruber, an architect of Obamacare, called American voters “stupid.” Gruber was just verbalizing what Barack Obama and his other advisers have thought from the inception of this administration. They’ve always thought that they were intellectually superior to the voters. They, not “we...

  • Borrowing is not always bad

    Published: Mon, Dec 15, 2014

    Regarding “For liberals, ‘sustainability’ a hot topic — in some cases” (Our Views, Nov. 30): When the federal deficit or debt is debated, conservatives generally suggest that it’s always a bad thing under all conditions. This is wrong. Businesses borrow all the time, because they’ll make even...

  • Why did Sen. Feinstein have torture broadcast?

    Published: Mon, Dec 15, 2014

    Why oh why? Why did we need to air the national dirty laundry by having a U.S. Senate speech on torture broadcast worldwide? I’m sure that Dianne Feinstein must have some compelling reasons that she felt made this event necessary. Will she be able to convey those reasons in a comforting manner...

  • Gruber's testimony a waste of time

    Published: Sun, Dec 14, 2014

    Jonathan Gruber must think we’re are still stupid if he thinks we believe his testimony before the a U.S. House committee. He could have saved a lot of time by simply taking the Fifth instead of giving all his nonanswers to most of the questions.

  • A victory is a victory

    Published: Sun, Dec 14, 2014

    Only one major college football team made it through the 2014 season without a loss. Yet the committee chosen to determine playoff spots was unable to realize that “undefeated” means no losses. Florida State should have been in the No. 1 position; for the rest of the field, teams with one loss...

  • Consolidation would create more money for teacher salaries

    Published: Sun, Dec 14, 2014

    Once again I’m hearing the call for teacher pay raises. I support raises for teachers, but there’s already more than enough money to increase pay without additional money being earmarked for education. Public education already gets approximately 50 percent of the state budget. So how do teachers...

  • MAPS' streetcar system is absurd waste of money

    Published: Sun, Dec 14, 2014

    I’ve seen a lot of positives from the efforts of the MAPS program. The plan to build a streetcar system isn’t one of them. We’re going to spend money to tear up streets to place the tracks, money to add the infrastructure to place overhead cables to run the things and send money overseas to buy...

  • Media's double standard with environmental lobby

    Published: Sun, Dec 14, 2014

    Regarding “Attorney general denies ‘secretive alliance’” (News, Dec. 9): The interesting thing about the New York Times article describing cooperation between Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and the oil industry is that in one short paragraph it was recognized that the environmental lobby...