At a glance: Eastern red cedar trees

At a glance: Eastern red cedar trees
Published: September 2, 2012


Eastern red cedars

Eastern red cedars are the most widely distributed conifer of tree size in the eastern United States and are found in 37 Eastern states. The species can be found from swamps to dry ridges, and can withstand extremes of drought, heat and cold. While native to Oklahoma, it is not indigenous to many of the areas where it now grows.

Although Eastern red cedar is generally not considered to be an important commercial species, its wood is highly valued for its beauty, durability and workability. The number of trees and volume of Eastern red cedar are increasing throughout most of its range. It provides cedar wood oil for fragrance compounds, food and shelter for wildlife, and protective vegetation for fragile soils.

In 2010, the Eastern Red Cedar Registry Board was formed to promote the management and utilization of Eastern red cedar. It believes that market creation and product development would slow Eastern red cedar encroachment into non-native habitats through utilization. The board operates under the authorities outlined by the 2010 Oklahoma Eastern Red Cedar Initiative, or House Bill 2686.

Source: Oklahoma Forestry Services

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