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At a glance: Where several Oklahoma measures stand

Here's a look at where several significant issues stand after Oklahoma legislators completed their first month of this year's four-month session.
Modified: March 2, 2013 at 12:51 am •  Published: March 3, 2013

• HB 1999 would allow horse slaughter but would continue the existing ban on the sale of horse meat for consumption in the state. Passed the House and awaiting action in the Senate.


• HB 1503 would allow a fine of as much as $500 for motorists caught using a cellphone to write, send or read a text message, instant message or email while driving. The measure includes exceptions for emergency response operators, medical officials, ambulance drivers, firefighters and law enforcement officials. Waiting to be heard in the House.


• HB 1588 would eliminate a provision in state law that allows young women to obtain a judge's approval to get an abortion. Victims of sexual or physical abuse by a parent are exempt from having to receive parental notification before an abortion. Waiting to be heard in the House.

• HB 1361 would allow the judicial bypass procedure to remain but would require a pregnant woman under 18 to go only to a judge in the county where she lives. Waiting to be heard in the House.

• HB 2015 would add more questions to the Individual Abortion Form completed by the abortion provider. Waiting to be heard in the House.

• HB 1029 would have held that individual rights and constitutional protections begin at conception. Not given a House hearing and considered dormant.


• HB 2131 would eliminate many of the state mandates for public schools that are not required of charter schools. Waiting to be heard in the House.


• SB 36 would have allowed cities and towns to craft their own anti-smoking laws. Failed to pass a Senate committee; dead for two years.

American Indian and Cultural Center

• SB 511 would place the agency that is overseeing the half-built American Indian Cultural Center and Museum in downtown Oklahoma City under the Oklahoma Historical Society. Waiting to be heard in the Senate.

State Capitol

• House Joint Resolution 1033 would let voters decide whether the state should seek a $200 million bond issue to repair the Capitol. Waiting to be heard in the House.