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At Home: Keeping things for keeps

Marni Jameson continues her saga about cleaning out her parents' longtime home.
BY MARNI JAMESON Published: May 6, 2013

File under forever. Treasures come in all sizes. So does archival storage. Store paper items such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, immigration documents and military discharge papers in archival file or garment boxes.

Protective plastic. You'll also want acid-free plastic when storing photos, CDs or DVDs, especially those that contain family photos.

Don't forget the tissue. “If you buy an archival box, then wrap items in paper that is not acid-free, you've defeated the purpose,” said Hartman. This is also true for envelopes and folders.

Don't store dirty stuff. Have garments professionally cleaned. Remove pins, which can stain.

Stuff and wrap. Before putting the lid on, use acid-free tissue to fill sleeves and soften folds of garments. Wrap the whole garment in acid-free paper.

Put a name on it. Once you've carefully packaged, label.

Where to store. Put keepsakes in clean, climate-controlled places.

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