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Atheism and Christianity both matters of faith

BY YOUR NAME Staff Writer Published: July 14, 2013

“The many faces of Oklahoma atheism” (Life, July 6) reasons that some atheists turned from Christianity to atheism as more of an indictment against Christianity than the honest doubts of atheists. Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” The Great Commission is to preach Christ to the world. We're to preach with our lives and, when necessary, use words. Christians are to be the body of Christ, to love unconditionally, walk the second mile, turn the other cheek and forgive infinitely. We blow it when we try to convict and convert. This is solely work of the Holy Spirit. To assume it upon ourselves isn't biblical Christianity.

But atheism doesn't explain intricate balances of nature, the cosmos, billions of cells in the human brain. Nor does it explain the genesis of morality, love or the concept of a nonexistent God. Where are the atheistic hospitals alongside Mercy, Baptist, St. Anthony and St. Jude? Atheism and Christianity are both matters of faith. Neither is provable. Christians believe that when they die they meet their God with a capital “G.” Atheists believe that when they die they meet their nothing with a lowercase “n.”

In the meantime, Christians would do well to just live their quiet lives in peace and hope that atheists stop suing everybody everywhere to remove their Christian expressions of faith amid a secular culture.

C. Dale German, Bethany

Intent of forefathers

The original intent of our forefathers

I'm a lady of 80 years old. I remember every morning in school standing, saying a prayer and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Doing this with my classmates daily instilled in me a conscious connection with God and a patriotic pride in my country. I believe our forefathers were spiritually inspired in the writing of the Constitution. They understood the need for religious freedom and patriotic pride in this new country.

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