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Audio book review: Star Wars: Scoundrels

Han Solo rounds up team for daring heist
BY MATTHEW PRICE Published: March 8, 2013

A sort of “Solo's 11,” the melding of the Star Wars universe and a heist story makes for a thrilling caper with plenty of twists, turns and action. While a few of the characters have ties to other “Star Wars” books, it's not necessary to have seen anything more than the original “Star Wars” — if that — to follow the book.

The audiobook version of “Scoundrels,” narrated by Marc Thompson, is enjoyable throughout. Thompson does a great job reflecting the voices of the characters we know, and differentiating among the many characters in the book. Outstanding sound effects work makes the re-creation of the “Star Wars” universe in audio form even more complete. With the large mix of locations, plots and characters, the audiobook is a great way to enjoy “Scoundrels.”

— Matthew Price