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Author combats health crisis

By Dennie Hall Published: December 10, 2006
t he sometimes found some humor in the most appalling situations, and that comes out in the book, too. Some of these moments came during hospital staff ministrations to him.

Chastain writes that the physical side of cancer is teamed with the spiritual. No single word has occupied him more than the frightening word "cancer,” he writes. "But the word ‘God’ may be close,” he adds.

"‘Cancer’ and ‘God’ are words/concepts that go hand-in-hand. They are forced partners, Siamese twins joined at the hip. Like peanut butter and jelly or Sonny and Cher. One word leads to the other, and vice versa.”

One can’t read this book without looking at Chastain with admiration for his valiant struggle and his perspicacious writing.

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