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  • 2012 Overview

  • The Oklahoman and won 24 international and national, 58 regional and 70 state honors for a total of 152 total awards for the first six months of 2012.

  • Results for other contests have not been announced yet.

  • Here is a brief summary of the winners thus far in 2012 and then a summary of each contest:


  • 10 winners:
  • Nine Telly Awards: The Video Department won two Silver and seven Bronze awards in the annual international contest. Silver is the highest award.
  • BEST OF PHOTOJOURNALISM 2012: Sarah Phipps finished third in Still Photography/Sports Feature.”

  • 14 winners:
  • SABEW (Society of American Business Editors and Writers) Best in Business: Bryan Painter, first, for drought series.
  • APSE (Associated Press Sports Editors): Five "Top 10s":Daily Section, Sunday Section, Special Section and Multimedia. Berry Tramel also finished third in Columns (75,001 to 175,000).
  • NABJ (National Association of Black Journalists): Two finalists: Jenni Carlson and Sarah Phipps, for "Raising Barry Sanders," and Yvette Walker, for "Finding a Forever Family."
  • ACES (American Society of Copy Editors): Pat Gilliland, third in Headlines (Newspapers 160,000 to 240,000).
  • PBWA (Professional Basketball Writers Association): Darnell Mayberry, first, for his profile "Where did this guy come from: Now an all-star, Westbrook traveled a long road to the NBA,"
  • OWAA (Outdoor Writers Association of America) 2012 Excellence in Craft: Ed Godfrey, second, "Blog Contest-Conservation Category" for his post "What will happen to the lower Illinois."
  • NATIONAL PRESS FOUNDATION: Jaclyn Cosgrove chosen as “Alzheimer’s Issues 2012” fellow.
  • ASSOCIATED PRESS MEDIA EDITORS: Finalist, Innovator of the Year (winner will be announced in September) and Honorable Mention, First Amendment, for DHS coverage.

  • 58 total (16 firsts, 39 finalists and three top 10):
  • GREAT PLAINS: Website of the Year and 45 total awards (12 firsts and 33 finalists).
  • FIRST AMENDMENT AWARDS (Fort Worth SPJ): Nine total awards, including three firsts and six finalists.
  • NATIONAL PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS REGION 7: Sarah Phipps, Bryan Terry and Chris Landsberger finished in the Top 10.
  • STATE:

  • 70 total awards.
  • AP-ONE (Associated Press-Oklahoma News Executives): The Oklahoman/ won four of the five major categories (General Excellence, first, for best newspaper; website, first, for; Photo Sweepstakes: Chris Landsberger; New Journalist of the Year: Tiffany Gibson). Overall, 18 firsts and 37 total awards.
  • SPJ: Bryan Dean won the First Amendment Award, and the NIC won 31 total awards, including 10 firsts, in the annual Society of Professional Journalists' Oklahoma Pro Chapter contest.

  • Sarah Phipps' photo of the ecstasy and agony of a state high school girls basketball championship game has garnered third place in an international photojournalism contest.
  • Phipps won in the "Still Photography/Sports Feature" category of "The Best of Photojournalism 2012." The contest is an international competition that is a project of the National Press Photographers Association.
  • In its 10th year, The Best of Photojournalism is considered one of the most prestigious contests in photojournalism. The Associated Press, The New York Times, Getty Images and many international news organizations enter the contest. For example, two Pulitzer Prize winners placed in categories this year but didn't win them.

  • NewsOK videos won nine Telly Awards. NewsOK's entries won two Silver and seven Bronze in the international contest. Silver is the highest award. Less than 10 percent of entries are chosen as winners of the Silver Telly.
  • There were 11,000 entries from all 50 states and other countries.
  • "The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 and is the premier award honoring outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online commercials, video and films. Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world."
  • Of note, Telly competition includes entries from major organizations such as NBC Universal, ESPN and Microsoft.
  • Here are the projects and their awards:
    1. "We will Remember" Category: Documentary — Won Silver
    2. Static Episode Intro Category: Use of animation — Won Silver?
    3. Kitchen Expedition Category: Children's Audience — Won Bronze
    4. OKC Golf and Country Club Category: History/Biography — Won Bronze
    5. Static Episode 52 O-Fidelis Category: Videography/Cinematography — Won Bronze
    6. OKC Museum of Art Category: Videography/Cinematography — Won Bronze
    7. A-List: Cloverleaf Category: Infomercial — Won Bronze
    8. A-List: Naifeh Fine Jewelry's Perfect Proposal Category: Infomercial — Won Bronze
    9. Welcome Home: Outdoor Livings Category: Infomercial — Won Bronze
  • SABEW:

  • Bryan Painter's series of stories about the drought last year won a national award from a business journalism organization.
  • Painter won a SABEW Best in Business Award in features. It is the first time that The Oklahoman has won an award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.
  • APME:

  • The Oklahoman/ has been named as a finalist in the annual Associated Press Media Editors’ Innovator of the Year competition.
  • The Oklahoman also won an honorable mention in the national contest.
  • As for Innovator of the Year, the winner will be announced in September at APME’s annual conference in Nashville, Tenn. The Oklahoman entered several of its innovations in 2012, including its new subscriber website and its “Photo Stream” feature on NewsOK.
  • The Oklahoman "takes new and developing technologies and weaves them throughout news coverage on the Web,” judges said.
  • The other two finalists are the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and The Arizona Republic.
  • The Oklahoman won APME’s “Innovator of the Year” in 2009, so this is the second time that it has been a finalist.
  • In the First Amendment category, The Oklahoman was honored for its coverage of the crisis in the state Department of Human Services.
  • APSE:

  • For the first time ever, the Sports Department has been ranked in the "Top 10" in the country in the four main categories of the Associated Press Sports Editors' annual contest: Website, daily sections, Sunday sections and special sections.
  • Berry Tramel also has been ranked among the "Top 10" columnists, finishing third.'s sports coverage was ranked as a "Top 10" website for the fourth-straight year. The annual football preview also has been named again as a "Top 10" special section in the 75,0001-175,000 category. And, The Oklahoman's daily and Sunday sections are "Top 10," too.
  • In the website category, was listed among the top 10 with the largest and most prestigious newspapers in the country. Others in the category with "Over 2 Million" unique monthly visitors were The Boston Globe, Kansas City Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Virginian-Pilot.
  • PBWA:

  • Darnell Mayberry has been honored nationally for the second straight year, this time for a story that he wrote about Thunder star Russell Westbrook.
  • Mayberry won first place in the Professional Basketball Writers Association annual contest for his profile of Westbrook. The story "Where did this guy come from: Now an all-star, Westbrook traveled a long road to the NBA," chronicles Westbrook's path from Ross Snyder Park in Los Angeles to the NBA.
  • The story first published February 20, 2011, on the day of Westbrook's NBA All-Star Game debut. It won in the features category.
  • Last year, Mayberry was a finalist for National Association of Black Journalists' award for his story on why Kevin Durant wears the number 35.
  • ACES:

  • Pat Gilliland placed in a prestigious national headline-writing contest.
  • Gilliland won third in American Society of Copy Editors' 2011 contest. She placed in Category 1B, newspapers circulations between 160,000 to 240,000.
  • NABJ:

  • For the first time, The Oklahoman was named a finalist in two separate categories of the National Association of Black Journalists' Salute to Excellence contest.
  • "Raising Barry Sanders" was named as a finalist in a "sports" category and "Finding a Forever Family" is a finalist in "Digital Media" of the 150,000 and under division.
  • For Jenni Carlson, who wrote the story, and Sarah Phipps, it's the second time in three years that they have been a finalist in the national contest. She and Sarah won in "Digital Media-Sports" for the "Minister of Millwood" multimedia package in 2010 for our first-ever award in the national NABJ contest.
  • Last year, Darnell Mayberry's story about why Thunder star Kevin Durant chose the number 35 for his jersey was a finalist in the "Sports" category.
  • This is the first time that The Oklahoman has been a finalist in a non-sports category, too. "Finding a Forever Family" was written by Yvette Walker, as told by Michelle Kelley to her.
  • OWAA:

  • Ed Godfrey won second in a national blogging contest for outdoor writers.
  • Godfrey placed second in the Outdoor Writers Association of America's 2012 Excellence in Craft contest. He won in "Blog Contest-Conservation Category" for his post "What will happen to the lower Illinois."


    Jaclyn Cosgrove was chosen as a National Press Foundation fellow for its “Alzheimer’s Issues 2012” conference in May.

    Cosgrove will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., for the conference May 20-23. Jaclyn recently joined the NIC as a health reporter for the Local Desk. She was a reporter for Oklahoma Watch before coming to The Oklahoman.


  • Led by Randy Ellis, the News and Information Center won in three categories and had nine finalists in the annual regional First Amendment Awards.
  • Ellis won an individual and a team award and was also involved in five of the finalists' entries. He won an individual award in "General News" with his series on problems with Oklahoma's juvenile justice system. He also won with Nolan Clay and Robby Trammell in the "Defending the Disadvantaged" category for their project on the state Department of Human Services.
  • Owen Canfield won his second First Amendment award in "Opinion/Commentary."
  • Other finalists from the NIC were Megan Rolland, who was a finalist in two categories, and Paul Monies.
  • Overall, The Oklahoman competes in the largest division and won in three of the categories. The contest is for media in Oklahoma and Texas and is coordinated by the Fort Worth SPJ chapter.

  • won "The Great Plains website of the Year" and also "Best website Design" in the annual contest for newspapers in an eight-state region.
  • "NewsOK has great depth, and a lot of meticulous work in heads and decks, lacking in many sites," judges said. "Very nice entertainment section. Good design, navigation, and multimedia all make it a stand out site."
  • Besides the website honors, the NIC won 45 overall awards, with 12 winners and 33 finalists.
  • Bryan Painter and Bryan Terry led the way, with both winning in two categories and both being a finalist in two others. Sarah Phipps was a finalist in four of the categories.
  • Here are the winners, with comments about the first-place honorees:
  • Best website Design:

  • Winner: The Oklahoman Staff,
  • Judges’ comments: NewsOK is a good looking website — nice use of a grid, nice use of white space, nice navigation. What raised it up further was the design work on internal pages that made them stand out.
  • Blog Writing:

  • Finalist: Darnell Mayberry, The Oklahoman
  • Winner: Steve Lackmeyer, The Oklahoman
  • Judge’s comments: Great job covering city development, codes and a lot of things that can seem dense and difficult, and getting the community to join the discussion in a thoughtful way.
  • Photo Illustration:

  • Winner: Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman
  • General News Photography:

  • Finalist: Nate Billings, The Oklahoman
  • Feature Photography, Single:

  • Finalists: Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman, Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman
  • Sports Action Photography:

  • Finalist: Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman
  • Winner: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman
  • Sports Feature Photography:

  • Finalists: Bryan Terry The Oklahoman, Sarah Phipps The Oklahoman
  • Audio Slideshow:

  • Finalist: Derrick Ho, Hannah Rieger, The Oklahoman
  • Winner: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman, for Endeavor Games
  • Multimedia Project or Series:

  • Finalists: Ron J. Jackson, Jr., The Oklahoman, Robert Medley, Paige Dillard, Steve Boaldin, Nick Tankersley, Kyle Roberts, Grayson Cook, Angi Bruss, Paul Hellstern, The Oklahoman
  • News Package:

  • Finalist: Bryan Painter, The Oklahoman
  • Project/Investigative Reporting:

  • Finalist: Nolan Clay, Robby Trammell, Randy Ellis, Ann Kelley, The Oklahoman
  • General News Reporting, more than 75,000 circulation:

  • Winner: Bryan Painter, The Oklahoman, for Drought Wheat Crop Package
  • Judge’s comment: Bryan Painter writes a series of stories about the Oklahoma drought that explores the human toll behind this natural disaster with the same strength and restraint shown by many of his subjects.
  • Narrative Story/Series

  • Finalists: Kelly Dyer Fry, The Oklahoman
  • Beat Reporting:

  • Finalist: Sonya Colberg, The Oklahoman
  • Winner: Bryan Painter, The Oklahoman for the Drought Series
  • Judge’s comment: Very impressive work. Bryan took a deep and comprehensive look at the way droughts in Oklahoma have affected residents there. He added context and history that was also helpful. His work gives a well-rounded picture of the drought's devastation.
  • Feature Writing:

  • Finalist: Ken Raymond, Linda Lynn, The Oklahoman
  • Business Reporting:

  • Finalist: Bryan Painter, The Oklahoman
  • Business Feature:

  • Finalist: Paula Burkes, The Oklahoman
  • Sports Reporting:

  • Finalists: Mike Kimball, John Helsley, Diana Baldwin, John Rohde, Carla Hinton, The Oklahoman
  • Sports Feature:

  • Finalists: Jenni Carlson, The Oklahoman, Tariq Lee, Garett Fisbeck, The Oklahoman
  • Sports Column:

  • Winner: Jenni Carlson, The Oklahoman
  • Judge’s comment: Strong viewpoints, engaging writing style. Polished and provocative.
  • Reviews:

  • Finalist: George Lang, The Oklahoman
  • Entertainment Feature:

  • Finalist: George Lang, The Oklahoman
  • Winner: Whitney Ortega, The Oklahoman, for OKC Parks Package
  • Judge’s comment: Charming historical story with ample quotes and compelling visuals (archive photos and timeline). Good local flavor.
  • Specialty Feature:

  • Finalists: Paula Burkes, The Oklahoman
  • Special Section:

  • Finalist: George Lang, Matt Clayton, Look At OKC / The Oklahoman
  • News Page Design:

  • Finalist:
  • Felicia Murray, The Oklahoman
  • Feature Page Design:

  • Finalist:
  • Moran Elwell, The Oklahoman
  • Editorial Portfolio:

  • Winner: J.E. McReynolds, The Oklahoman
  • Judge’s comment: Well crafted editorials and pithy writing help support the bold conclusion that the popular viewpoint is not always correct. Bravo to the newspaper for maintaining a consistent voice of reason
  • Personal Column Portfolio:

  • Finalist: Jennifer Palmer, The Oklahoman
  • Feature Headline Portfolio:

  • Finalists: J.E. McReynolds, The Oklahoman, Patricia Gilliland, The Oklahoman
  • Great Plains Photographer of the Year:

  • Finalists: Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman, Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman
  • The Great Plains Awards is coordinated by the Tulsa Press Club and is for newspapers and magazines in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.
  • NPPA:

  • Three photographers from The Oklahoman have finished in the top 10 of the National Press Photographers Association's Region 7 contest for 2011.
  • Sarah Phipps finished third, Bryan Terry fourth and Chris Landsberger seventh in the competition among NPPA photographers in the region for Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Arkansas.
  • Photographers compete monthly in the contest, and then the overall point totals for each photographer are tabulated for the year. For example in December, Phipps finished first in "Feature, Single Picture"; Landsberger was first and third in "Illustration and second "Feature/Multiple Picture"; and Terry was second in Sports.

  • Adam Kemp has won a regional SPJ Mark of Excellence award for a story that he wrote last summer for The Oklahoman.
  • The story "QUARTZ CAMPERS GET CREATIVE," which was published June 19, won first place in "Feature Writing" of the Region 8 competition. Adam also won a third place in the same category. Region 8 is for collegiate journalists in Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Adam now works on the Local Desk.
  • AP-ONE:

  • TULSA — The Oklahoman won in four of the five major categories of the annual AP-ONE contest.
  • The winners were announced during the Associated Press/Oklahoma News Executives' 2011 Carl Rogan Memorial News Excellence Competition at the Doubletree Hotel. The News and Information Center won in every major category, except the reporting sweepstakes.
  • Here are the winners for The Oklahoman and NewsOK. com:
  • General Excellence: first, for best newspaper.
  • Website: first, for
  • Photo Sweepstakes: Chris Landsberger.
  • New Journalist of the Year: Tiffany Gibson.
  • In the photo categories, the Photo Department won every category and placed 15 of the possible 18 times. We also were dominate in the feature, column, editorials and review categories.
  • Overall, The Oklahoman won 37 total awards, including 18 firsts.
  • Besides the major categories, here are our winners and what they won for, if listed, starting with the photo categories and followed by the writing and design ones:
  • PHOTO:

  • Feature Photo: David McDaniel, first, remembering the bombing; Paul Hellstern, second, wind power; Paul Hellstern, third, freestyle disc dog.
  • General News Photo: Jim Beckel, first, soldier's funeral; and Sarah Phipps, third, OSU mourns.
  • Photo Package: Bryan Terry, first, running his first race; and Doug Hoke, third, fairy ball.
  • Sports Photo: Chris Landsberger, first, championship win; Sarah Phipps, second, state championship; and Bryan Terry, third, tripped up.
  • Spot News Photo: Chris Landsberger, first, tornado hug; and Steve Gooch, second, K-9 bite.
  • Website Photo: Chris Landsberger, first, tough loss; Sarah Phipps, second, rodeo prayer; and Steve Gooch, third, Endeavor Games.

  • Business Feature: Bryan Painter, first, drought package; and Jennifer Palmer, third, Whole Foods package.
  • Business Spot News Reporting: Sonya Colberg and Chris Casteel, second, horse slaughter plants package.
  • Editorials: J.E. McReynolds, first; and Owen Canfield, third.
  • General News: Randy Ellis, second, juvenile justice series; and Bryan Painter, third, drought package.
  • Feature: Ron Jackson, first, The Ride; and Ken Raymond, second, Oklahoma: 1971 vs. 2011.
  • Investigative Reporting: Nolan Clay, Randy Ellis, Robby Trammell and Ann Kelley, second, DHS investigation.
  • Personal Columns: Steve Lackmeyer, first.
  • Reviews: George Lange, first.
  • Sports Columns: Jenni Carlson, first; and Carrie Coppernoll, second.
  • Sports Feature: Ron Jackson, first, The Ride.
  • Spot Sports: The Oklahoman, second, OSU plane crash.

  • Graphics/Illustrations: Steve Boaldin, first, Fish On; and Todd Pendleton, second, Oklahoma Hold 'em.

  • Bryan Dean won the First Amendment Award, and The Oklahoman won 31 total awards, including 10 firsts, in the annual Society of Professional Journalists' Oklahoma Pro Chapter contest.
  • This year, staff members were allowed to enter their own work with the News and Information Center’s support, but The Oklahoman did not enter any of the overall categories or any category on its own.
  • Bryan won the Carter Bradley First Amendment Award for work in coordinating the NIC's Sunshine Week activities and other work on behalf of freedom of information issues. "He ... has written numerous stories pressuring public officials into following the state’s open records and meeting laws," SPJ said in a news release.
  • He is a past president of the Oklahoma Pro chapter of SPJ and the immediate past president of Freedom of Information Oklahoma Inc. He has served on the board of FOI Oklahoma for five years.
  • As for individual categories, The Oklahoman won 10 firsts, nine seconds and 12 thirds. Jim Beckel won for "Best Photographic Portfolio," and the team of Tiffany Gibson, Nick Tankersley, Grayson Cook and Matt Patterson won two firsts for their prison project.
  • Here are the winners:

  • Investigative Reporting by Team: 1st, Tiffany Gibson, Matt Patterson, Nick Tankersley and Grayson Cook.
  • Feature Writing: 3rd, Tiffany Gibson.
  • Personal Column: 1st, Steve Lackmeyer; 2nd, J.E. McReynolds.
  • Business Reporting: 1st, Steve Lackmeyer and Jay Marks; 3rd, Steve Lackmeyer.
  • Sports Reporting: 2nd, Ed Godfrey.
  • Sports Feature: 1st, Jenni Carlson.
  • Sports Column: 2nd, Jenni Carlson; 3rd, Carrie Coppernoll.
  • General Photography: 2nd, Jim Beckel; 3rd, Nate Billings.
  • Sports Photography: 1st, Bryan Terry; 3rd, Jim Beckel.
  • Best Photographic Portfolio: 1st, Jim Beckel; 3rd, Bryan Terry.
  • Page One Layout and Design: 3rd, Matthew Clayton
  • Feature Page Layout and Design: 1st and 2nd, Bill Bootz; 3rd, Matthew Clayton.
  • Use of Graphic Illustration: 1st, Yvette Walker and Todd Pendleton; 2nd, Phillip Baeza; 3rd, Todd Pendleton
  • Headlines: 2nd, Moran Elwell

  • Breaking News Coverage: 2nd, Michael Kimball; 3rd, Bryan Dean and Michael Kimball
  • Special Report/Enterprise: 3rd, Michael Kimball
  • Blog: 1st, Photo Staff, The Oklahoman.
  • Multimedia: 1st, Tiffany Gibson, Nick Tankersley, Grayson Cook and Matt Patterson; 2nd, staff, The Oklahoman
  • Slideshow: 2nd, Sarah Phipps and Nate Billings; 3rd, Bryan Terry.
  • NSSA:

  • After recently being elected Oklahoma sports writer of the year again, Berry Tramel is among an elite group of The Oklahoman sports writers who have won the honor multiple times since it began in 1959.
  • Overall, The Oklahoman Sports staff has won the award 28 times, with the first winner being Ray Soldan in 1959, according to the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (NSSA) & Hall of Fame.
  • Of the current Sports staff, John Rohde has won the honor fives times, and Berry has been honored four times. Former Sports staff members Dave Sittler, now of the Tulsa World, and Frank Boggs won it 10 times each. Other former or late staff members of The Oklahoman who have won the award are Tom Kensler (three times), Bob Hersom (twice) and Volney Meece, Bob Hurt, Al Carter and Jim Lassiter (one each).

  • Bryan Painter was recently honored as the Oklahoma Farm Bureau's "2011 Statewide Journalist of the Year" for his coverage of the drought last year.
  • He was recognized during a ceremony at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City. Painter wrote many stories and blog posts about the issues that farmers faced because of the drought which caused billions of dollars in damage. This is the second time that Bryan has been honored by the farm bureau.


Associated Press Sports Editors (National)

W3 Awards: International Academy of Visual Arts (International)

  • - Silver Award winner.

2011 Society for Features Journalism contest (National)

  • Ken Raymond - First, General Features
  • George Lang - Third, Multimedia Storytelling
  • Dennis King - Third, Arts/Entertainment Coverage

Associated Press Sports Editors (National)

  • The Oklahoman - Top 10, Special Sections
  • - Top 10, Online Sports Coverage

Online News Association (National)

  • - Finalist, General Excellence

National Association of Black Journalists' Salute to Excellence (National)

  • Darnell Mayberry - Finalist, News--Sports

David Letterman Distinguished Professional Lecture and Workshop Series, Ball State University (National)

  • OPUBCO Communications Group - $10,000 award winner for its innovations in multimedia. (The $10,000 award was used for future student internships.)

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association (Regional)

  • - First, Best Website
  • The Oklahoman - Second, Print Quality
  • George Lang and Kyle Roberts (Static) - Third, Best Use of Multimedia. - First, Best Website
  •'s "Places" - Honorable Mention, Best Use of Multimedia

American Cancer Society High Plains Division Media Awards (Regional)

  • Jenni Carlson, John Clanton, Nick Tankersley, Matt Clayton and Bill Bootz - First, Newspaper Big Market Feature/Human Interest

Great Plains Journalism Awards (Regional)

  • - Website of the Year
  • Chris Landsberger - Photographer of the Year
  • Ten firsts and 22 finalists

First Amendment Awards (Fort Worth SPJ Chapter) (Regional)

  • Ann Kelley - First, Defending the Disadvantaged
  • Megan Rolland - First, General News
  • John Estus, Paul Monies and Gavin Off, Tulsa World - First, Reporting on Open Government
  • Hailey Branson and 2010 summer intern class - First, Student Work
  • Five finalists

National Press Photographers Association, Region 7 (Regional)

  • Chris Landsberger -Second
  • Sarah Phipps - Eighth

Associated Press-Oklahoma News Executives (State)

  • The Oklahoman - First, General Excellence
  • The Oklahoman - First, Best Website
  • John Clanton - Sweepstakes, Photography
  • The Oklahoman/Tulsa World - Sweepstakes, Writing
  • Megan Rolland - First, Best New Journalist
  • 19 firsts and 48 total awards

Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists (State)

  • - First, Best News Website
  • Sarah Phipps - Best Photographic Portfolio
  • Staff - First, Spot News Coverage (May 10, 2010, tornado outbreak)
  • Sixteen firsts and 57 total awards.

Oklahoma Salute to Excellence (National Association of Black Journalists' Tulsa chapter) (State)

  • Seven firsts and 16 overall awards.

Oklahoma Newspaper Foundation (State)

  • Nolan Clay - Beachy Musselman Award for dedication to 'covering courthouses and exposing corruption'

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (State)

  • Darla Slipke: - 2010 Communications in Excellence award for coverage of people with disabilities.


Associated Press Sports Editors (National)

Society for News Design (International)

International Academy of the Visual Arts (International)

  • - Best Website: Silver Award
  • - Best Web Video Sound Design: Silver Award
  • Welcome Home - Best Branded Content: Silver Award

National Association of Black Journalists (National)

  • Minister of Millwood: Jenni Carlson and Sarah Phipps - Salute to Excellence New Media-Sports: Winner

Associated Press Sports Editors (National)

  • Jenni Carlson - Top 10 Columnist
  • The Oklahoman Sports Department - Daily Sports: Top 20/Honorable Mention
  • The Oklahoman Sports Department - Special Sections: Top 20/Honorable Mention

American Society of Copy Editors (National)

  • Tom Maupin - Robinson Prize: Finalist

Association of Food Journalists (National)

Online News Association (National)

Associated Press Managing Editors (APME) (National)

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association (Regional)

  • - Best Website: Winner
  • Depression Era Gangsters - Videos: 2nd Place
  • The Oklahoman - Print Quality: 2nd Place
  • Public Employee Birth Dates - Best Local Story: 3rd Place
  • OU Football Preview - Videos:Honorable Mention
  • Depression Era Gangsters - Best Use of Multimedia: Honorable Mention
  • Sarah Phipps - Feature Photography: Honorable Mention
  • *Read about the winners*

Great Plains Journalism Awards (Regional)

  • The Oklahoman - Best Newspaper
  • Jenni Carlson - Sports Column: Winner
  • Dave Cathey - Specialty Feature: Winner
  • Nolan Clay - General News Reporting: Winner
  • Tom Maupin - Best News Headline Portfolio: Winner
  • Ken Raymond - Newspaper Writing Portfolio: Winner
  • Berry Tramel - Blog: Winner
  • The Oklahoman - General News Reporting: Finalist
  • The Oklahoman - Sports Spot News: Finalist
  • - Best Website: Finalist
  • - Best Website Design: Finalist
  • Doug Hoke - Studio Photography: Winner
  • Chris Landsberger - Studio Photography: Finalist
  • John Clanton - News Photo: Winner
  • Chris Landsberger and Steve Gooch - News Photo: Finalists
  • Chris Lansberger - Feature Photography, Single: Finalist
  • John Clanton - Feature Photography, multiple: Winner
  • John Clanton and Chris Landsberger - Feature Photography, multiple: Finalists
  • Chris Landsberger - Spot News Photography: Winner
  • John Clanton - Spot News Photography: Finalist
  • Sarah Phipps - Sports Photo.:Winner
  • Bryan Terry - Sports Photo: Finalist
  • Sarah Phipps - Photography Portfolio: Winner
  • Chris Landsberger - Photography Portfolio: Finalist
  • Jim Beckel - General Photography: Winner
  • *Read about the winners*

Edward R. Murrow Awards (Regional)

  • Stories of the Ages: Grapes of Wrath - Winner
  • Bedlam Coverage - Winner

Fort Worth SPJ First Amendment Awards (Regional)

  • Nolan Clay: Dying Too Young - Investigative News: First
  • Nolan Clay - General News: First
  • Vallery Brown - General News: Finalist
  • Bryan Dean - Open Government: First
  • Paul Monies - Opinion/Commentary: First
  • Christy Watson - Opinion/Commentary: Finalist
  • Owen Canfield - Opinion/Commentary: Finalist
  • Randy Ellis - Defending the Disadvantaged: Finalist
  • Randy Ellis - Opening the Books: Finalist

AP-ONE (Statewide)

  • The Oklahoman - Best Newspaper: Winner
  • - Best Website: Winner
  • Nolan Clay: Dying Too Young - Sweepstakes Award
  • John Clanton: Soldier's Funeral - Sweepstakes Award
  • Vallery Brown - Best New Journalist: Winner
  • Dane Beavers - Best New Journalist: Finalist
  • Dying Too Young - Public Service: First
  • Dying Too Young - Best Page One Deadline Layout: First
  • Sarah Phipps - Photography: First(3)
  • Don Mecoy - Business Spot News Reporting: First(2)
  • Ken Raymond - Feature: First
  • Ken Raymond - Sports Feature: First
  • *Read about the winners*

Oklahoma Society of Professional Journalists (Statewide)

  • John Greiner - Lifetime Achievement Award
  • - Best Web site: 1st Place
  • Ron Jackson - Investigative reporting/individual: 1st Place
  • Oklahoman staff - Investigative reporting/team: 1st Place
  • Ken Raymond - In-depth enterprise reporting/individual: 1st Place
  • Oklahoman staff - In-depth enterprise reporting/team: 1st Place
  • Michael Kimball - Political/governmental reporting: 1st Place
  • Oklahoman staff - Spot news reporting: 1st Place
  • Carla Hinton - Personal column: 1st Place
  • Ann Kelley - General news reporting: 1st Place
  • Nolan Clay, Ken Raymond - Criminal justice reporting: 1st Place
  • Michael Kimball - Diversity reporting: 1st Place
  • John Greiner - Education reporting: 1st Place
  • Heather Warlick - Health reporting: 1st Place
  • Berry Tramel - Sports column: 1st Place
  • Steve Sisney - Feature photography: 1st Place
  • John Clanton - General photography: 1st Place
  • Steve Gooch - Spot news photography: 1st Place
  • Felicia Murray - Page one layout and design: 1st Place
  • Phillip Baeza - Feature page layout and design: 1st Place
  • Ken Raymond - Best reporting portfolio: 1st Place
  •, Ken Raymond - Multimedia projects: 1st Place
  • Berry Tramel - Blog: 1st Place
  • - Breaking news coverage: 1st Place
  • *Read about the 53 winners*


Webby Award (International)

Associated Press Sports Editors (National)

Associated Press Managing Editors (National)

Telly Awards (National)

  • OU Update Introduction - Show Opening Segment, Silver Winner
  • STATIC w/ George Lang - Videography/Cinematography, Bronze Winner
  • Bedlam Football - Sports, Bronze Winner
  • Thunder Girls: The Inspiration - Entertainment, Bronze Winner
  • *Read about the winners*

Society of Professional Journalists (National)

National Press Foundation(National)

  • - General Excellence in Online Journalism (Medium Site), Finalist

Knight-Batten Award (National)

SPJ Sigma Delta Chi (Regional)

Southern Newspapers Publishers Association (Regional)

Associated Press/Oklahoma Newspaper Executives (Regional)

  • Nicholas Tankersley - Best New Journalist, Winner
  • The Oklahoman - Division A Spot News, Sweepstakes
  • The Oklahoman - Spot News, 1st Place
  • The Oklahoman - Spot News, 1st Place
  • Nolan Clay, Randy Ellis - Investigative Reporting, 1st Place
  • Staff - Spot Sports Reporting, 1st Place
  • Steve Lackmeyer - Business Feature, 1st Place
  • David Zizzo - Features, 1st Place
  • John Rohde - Sports, 1st Place
  • Brandy McDonnell - Reviews, 1st Place
  • Valerie Blackburn - Non-front Page Layout, 1st Place
  • Todd Pendleton - Page One Deadline Layout, 1st Place
  • Erica Smith - Headlines, 1st Place
  • Suzanne Green - Graphics and Illustrations, 1st Place
  • Jim Beckel - Feature Photography, 1st Place
  • Sarah Phipps - Web site Photography, 1st Place
  • *Read about all the winners*

Great Plains (Regional)

  • - Best Web Site Design, Winner
  • John Clanton: Tornado Damage - Web Slideshow Photography, Bronze Winner
  • Wayman Tisdale's New Leg - Web Site Videography, Winner
  • Berry Tramel, Oklahoma Sports Blog - Blog, Winner
  • *Read about all the winners*

Oklahoma SPJ (Statewide)

Oklahoma Press Association (Statewide)

Tulsa Association of Black Journalists (Statewide)

  • Carla Hinton - Journalist of the Year, Winner
  • Sports Department - Sports Category, 1st Place
  • Sports Department - News Category, 1st Place
  • *Read about all the winners*


AP/ONE (Regional)

  • Ken Raymond - Public Service, 1st Place
  • David McDaniel - Photography, Sweepstakes
  • The Oklahoman Staff: A Century in the Making - Special Centennial Section, 1st Place
  • Heather Warlick - Best New Journalist, Winner
  • Ken Raymond - Features Story, 1st Place
  • The Oklahoman Staff: Ice Storm - Spot News, 1st Place
  • Bryan Painter - Sports, 1st Place
  • Bryan Painter - Personal Column, 1st Place
  • Felicia Murray - Page One Deadline Layout, 1st Place
  • Todd Pendleton - Graphics and Illustrations, 1st Place
  • Berry Tramel - Sports Feature, 1st Place
  • David McDaniel - Feature Photography, 1st Place
  • Matt Strasen - Sports Photography, 1st Place
  • Jim Beckel - Spot News Photography, 1st Place
  • James Plumlee - Web site Photography, 1st Place
  • *Read about all the winners*

  • Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

  • - Best Web Site, Honorable Mention
  • EPpy

  • Oklahoma - A Century in the Making - Best Special Feature-News or Event, Winner
  • *Read about the winners*

  • SPJ Oklahoma

  • Your Right to Know - Carter Bradley First Amendment Award, Winne
  • Cold Case - Multimedia Project, Winner
  • *Read about all the winners*

  • American Cancer Society High Plains Division

  • know it: Cancer - Newspaper Big Market Daily/Feature/Human Interest, Media Award
  • Associated Press Sports Editors

  • Stoops@10 - Projects: 4th Place
  • Jake Trotter - Breaking News: Honorable Mention
  • Jenni Carlson - Columns: Honorable Mention
  • *Read about the winners*

  • 2007

    EPpy (National)

  • My NewsOK - Best Community Web Site, Finalist
  • Online News Association (National)

  • - General Excellence, Finalist
  • Media Innovation/Edgie (National)

  • World War II - Most Innovative Visitor Participation, Finalist
  • Air Quality - Most Innovative Multimedia Storytelling, Finalist
  • Cold Case - Most Innovative Multimedia Storytelling, Finalist
  • Oklahoma--A Century in the Making - Most Innovative Multimedia Storytelling, Finalist
  • Oklahoma RedHawks - Best Digital Advertising Program, Finalist
  • AP/ONE (Statewide)

  • James Plumlee - Web Site Photo, Winner
  • *Read about the winners*

  • SPJ Oklahoma (Statewide)

  • - Best Web Site, Second Place
  • Ken Raymond - Best Newspaper Reporting Portfolio, 1st Place
  • John Clanton - Photographic Portfolio, 1st Place
  • The Oklahoman Staff - In-depth Enterprise Reporting, 1st Place
  • Randy Ellis - Political/Governmental Reporting, 1st Place
  • Mark Hutchison, Jesse Olivarez, Ron Jackson, Penny Cockerell, Ken Raymond, Tim Henley and John David Sutter - Spot News, 1st Place
  • Nolan Clay, John Greiner - Criminal Justice Reporting, 1st Place
  • Ken Raymond, Jim Killackey - Health Reporting, 1st Place
  • Paul Monies - Business Reporting, 1st Place
  • Steve Lackmeyer - Business Feature, 1st Place
  • Renee Lawrence - Feature Page Layout, 1st Place
  • Bryan Terry - Feature Photography, 1st Place
  • Oklahoma Wildfires: Oklahoman photographers - Photo Story/Essay, 1st Place
  • Chris Landsberger - Spot News Photography, 1st Place
  • *Read about all the winners*

  • Oklahoma Press Association (Statewide)

    • Ed Godfrey - Joseph H. Edwards Outdoor Writer of the Year, Winner